Today I had the wonderful opportunity to serve as a spokesperson for Walmart and conducted a satellite media tour to discuss money saving tips and my favorite thing in the whole wide world - Savings Catcher. If you are visiting after seeing one of my spots on your local news or hearing me on the radio or internet, thank you for stopping by! Welcome and I hope you stick around and check out some of my many posts on everything from health and fitness to recipes and my love of all things beauty!

I have wanted to do a satellite media tour forever and if you aren’t familiar, basically I was in a studio here in Atlanta from 7am - 1pm conducting interviews - 27 in fact - in markets all over the country and I wish I was actually there for the one in HAWAII! I’ve been a blogger for over 6 years and I have to say this experience has been one of the highlights of my career. I am so grateful for the opportunity and sincerely hope that I will be doing more things like this in the future.

In the meantime, please don’t let this be the last time you visit, I promise you will be thoroughly entertained, learn something new and I’m told I can be inspiring too! Come back and come back often, all are welcome!


Greg Hartley said…
Ghart112@gmail.com, I'm sure that was exciting, with a million dollar smile you are made for tv, lol

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