Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Lion King

The musical The Lion King holds a special place in my heart. The first time I saw it was not on Broadway but here in Atlanta. When I lived in New York I just thought it might be corny and didn’t bother to see it. Once I had my son, I wanted to expose him to the arts and see what the hoopla was all about. My moms group had a trip and although I missed the group purchase, I got a seat (which by the way was awesome and up front) for my son and I. We both loved it! My son stayed awake for the entire thing - which is saying a lot because he was only 1 at the time.

Fast forward to last week and we once again had the opportunity to enjoy the musical but this time I knew he’d be better able to appreciate it. Since that first show he has been exposed to the Lion King, there was a run of the Lion King experience at Disney World’s Animal Kingdom that we’ve seen a few times, but quite frankly nothing compares to the show.

We both loved it! I know I had a childlike cheesy grin on my face the entire time and although it was a late night for us and my son was a little tired, he stayed awake again and had a ball. The Lion King is here as part of Broadway in Atlanta and if you haven’t seen the show I highly recommend it. The show is running until April 27th so hurry up and get your tickets, you won’t regret it!

Disclosure: I received media tickets for The Lion King but all opinions are my own.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Frozen fruit treat Yonanas!

My son has been my biggest cheerleader for the entirety of my journey to healthy living. I started my journey when he was only 2 and he will be turning seven next month. Luckily for me I started working on living healthy long before he started being brutally honest because just the other day when I showed him my pregnancy photos he said I was fat! I corrected him and said I was pregnant and he went on to say “that’s okay mommy, I saw a women on tv who was your size but she was just FAT not pregnant!” Kids, ya gotta love em! But honesty aside, he is supportive! I showed him a photo of a woman who has the body I want to achieve this year and he said “mommy, you aren’t that far off, you are just missing the stomach muscles.” My man! The other day he was eating chocolate and siad “Mommy you should really try this, but I know you won’t because you are on a journey!” I love it.

I love that my son is aware that I want to make healthy choices but it is also important for me to share that with him. As often as possible I try to get him to try some of my treats like fresh fruit and smoothies. So I was elated when asked to try out the new Yonanas which is available at Walmart. Yonanas is a small kitchen appliance that turns frozen fruit into the consistency of soft serve ice cream in minutes. The foundation fruit is bananas and in the past I’ve made my own version of banana soft serve with a food processor but I really like Yonanas, especially since I can keep all of the parts together (I lost the blade to my small food processor)! My son saw Yonanas and was really excited. We froze bananas that had cheetah spots on them (the sweeter the better) and he requested that we also freeze some strawberries because they are his favorite fruit. 

After letting the fruit freeze for 24 hours we were ready. I took the fruit out and let it thaw for 10 minutes as suggested (but next time I’ll let it thaw for 15) and then put half a banana in the chute. I followed that with another banana and then the banana started appearing. I also added strawberries and within 3 minutes had my yonanas!

It took about two bananas and a handful of strawberries to make one serving and as you can tell from the photo, my son loved it! I can serve this treat anytime - breakfast, lunch or dinner because it is simply fruit! I’m looking forward to making some toppings like a chocolate protein one that would make for a great snack! Clean up of yonanas was pretty simple, I just took it apart and washed it.

The one downside of the product was that a lot of fruit ended up still inside of the machine. I scooped it into my bowl and enjoyed a little myself. I think that when I let the fruit thaw a bit longer perhaps not as much will be stuck in the machine. Overall, I really like Yonanas, it will help me on my journey and my son can also enjoy a frosty treat. Yonanas is available at Walmart for $48.50.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Wild Oats affordable organic foods at Walmart

I am a lover of good food and as you know I am working on having my best body ever. Because I want to fuel my body with the best possible produce, meat and fish I am constantly on the lookout for good deals on healthy and organic foods. I admit that sometimes I simply must pass up on some items because they are cost prohibitive. I have to say I have become quite enamored with retailers that provide healthy alternatives at reasonable prices. And I’m happy to say that Walmart has joined that club! Walmart has started carrying the Wild Oats organic food brand. This brand is a range of items from spices to broth, applesauce and even skillet meals.

In all, Walmart and Wild Oats are introducing 100 items at a price point that saves 25% or more when compared to national organic brands. I love that this is happening because it will make purchasing organic products more feasible for a larger number of people. In an internal study it was found that 91 percent of Walmart shoppers would consider purchasing products from an affordable organic brand if it were offered.

The Wild Oats brand has three components:

  • Wild Oats Marketplace Organic which adheres to the FDA guidelines for organic foods and comprises about 90 percent of the line.

  • Wild Oats Marketplace which includes products with simple and real ingredients like the ready to prepare skillet meals and

  • Wild Oats Marketplace Originals which will be launching later this year.

The price points are actually quite encouraging. Check out the table below to see comparisons. 

I personally am looking forward to checking out canned tomatoes, I have those as a staple in my cupboard and use them for everything from adding some zing to fish and making chilli.
The items available at each store will vary and later this year Wild Oats will be available at If you have been looking for affordable organic options, be sure to check out the Wild Oats brand at your local Walmart. Let me know if you like it!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

I love meat!

My lunch today. Turkey BLT and Asian salad. My first BLT in years! 

Recently I discovered something I never knew about myself, I love meat. Now, this is truly a revelation because for about a quarter of a century I haven’t eaten meat other than fish and seafood. No poultry, no beef, no pork for about 25 years! But since I am on a journey to having my best body ever (and really wanting to eat some buffalo wings which don’t help my journey but are delicious! LOL) I decided that I needed more protein. Of course I’ve been eating fish and vegetable protein but quite frankly trying to keep up with at least 160 grams of protein from fish and veggies becomes very expensive.

I decided that adding poultry to my diet would help keep my costs down a bit and also give me more variety for my protein sources.  I admit I was slightly fearful about adding poultry because I didn’t know if it would have any adverse effects on my body because it has been so long since I processed it. I am pleased to report that I haven’t had any issues - with the exception of my body chemistry changing. I used to be able to go for days without using deodorant but now I can’t do that, my scent has changed and become stronger.

For me this is a minor inconvenience because I am really enjoying turkey! I have been noshing on Jennie-O turkey burgers and today I made my first BLT! I have also made grilled lean turkey breast cutlets and those too are also delicious. It has only been a week but I’m finding that I enjoy poultry. I am still on a search for the best wings in town and will cook my own chicken once I make a trip to the Farmers Market to pick up some organic chicken at a reasonable price.

Oh the joys of poultry and protein! Do you have any suggestions for protein rich recipes for me to try?

Monday, April 14, 2014

Whiten teeth with Colgate

One of the things that my dentist mentions to me every time I visit is how I have “great” teeth and they are white. I suppose that is relative because I admit that I am quite envious of the various actor and actresses I see with gleaming white teeth. I have always considered whitening my teeth but found the pricing to be cost prohibitive or alternatively the process was unwieldy and I didn’t want to sit around with something in my mouth for hours for whiter teeth.  However, when I was introduced to Colgate Optic White toothbrush and built in whitening pen by Walmart, tooth whitening became both affordable ($12.96) and easy!

The beauty of the Colgate Optic white toothbrush is having the pen. After brushing with the bristles that are specially designed to remove stains, I simply remove the whiting pen, twist and apply the gel to my teeth. I replace the pen in my toothbrush and I am all ready to go. I don’t have to rinse, or sit and wait. Simple and convenient, I love it. I was also sent  Optic White toothpaste and Whiteseal mouthwash which helps to keep new stains from forming on my teeth. With all three of these products I am pretty sure my teeth will look whiter! The thing that I noticed immediately when using the products is that hydrogen peroxide is an ingredient. I enjoy the foaming in my mouth when I brush and swish, it is almost like I can feel the products working.

Speaking of working, Colgate says you will see whiter teeth in 2 days by using the product. I know for sure my teeth were visibly whiter within a week of using the toothbrush and pen. Just keep in mind that my teeth are pretty white (as noted by my dentist) so I’m sure that is why it took a little longer for me to see a difference. But quite frankly, I am extraordinarily happy with the results and will continue to use the entire product line to keep my teeth white and prevent new stains.

Currently, Colgate is running a style makeover contest and you can win the grand prize trip to Los Angeles for a makeover with Jeannie Mai or one of hundreds of first and second prizes. But hurry! The contest ends on April 19th. All entrants receive a coupon for $3.00 which will bring the cost of the Colgate Optic White toothbrush and whitening pen to under $10.00! Visit to enter.

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