Friday, July 3, 2015

Fading my dark acne spots week 3

My adult acne started when I was in my early twenties and has ebbed and flowed at various points in my life. I can pretty much count on having a few bumps around “that time of the month” and intermittently during the rest of the month. I’d be okay with the blemishes if they’d simply go away but without fail, even if I don’t touch them at all, I have a mark. Hyperpigmentation plagues me and I have been looking for a product to fade my dark marks that is both gentle on my skin and cost effective. I was given the opportunity to try Solutions 24 Clinical Dark Spot Corrector by Walmart and I have been using the product for the past 3 weeks.  It costs less than $13.00 and is  available in 1800 Walmart stores and on

Week 1 compared to week 3

I am sharing my results weekly for a month, so far so good. I am not looking for immediate results because I know with any product, particularly on dark skin, it takes awhile for there to be a noticeable difference in hyperpigmentation. I’ve been applying it twice a day after cleansing my skin as directed and am wearing an SPF of at least 15 daily.  I see some difference but I am keeping my expectations fairly low because as a rule of thumb with both OTC and prescription products, it takes at least 6 weeks to see very visible results.

I like the ease of use, as I use the stick I simply turn it up when needed. I also like that not only can I use it on my face but I am using it on my chest (that dang adult acne again) and although I don’t have them, it can be used on the hands for dark spots. I am excited about this product because it is inexpensive, easy to use and widely available. Next week I will share my final results with you.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Naturally beautiful

Hair is a sensitive issue for many black women. We find that the appearance of our hair in its natural state can potentially cause some obstacles. Having straight hair that is laid and looks more like the status quo is frequently more accepted in some workplaces. Fortunately for me, during my adult life, my natural hair has never kept me from employment and I’ve been accepted. However, there was a time when I was a teenager that natural hair was far from being the “in” thing and I desperately wanted a relaxer so that I could have hair that flowed like my friends. I had my first relaxer at 13 and it looked cute for a brief minute but I quickly found that rain and humidity were not my friends and I spent an extraordinary amount of time trying to keep my hair “together” which was not a problem when I had with natural hair.  

I had to deal with overprocessing because my hair looks much thicker and resistant than it is (read nappy). I’ve cried because when my hair was washed more was in the sink than on my head so I had to wear short styles! My experiment with relaxing moved on to a Jerri curl...yes, a jerri curl. Not my finest hour but I didn’t look like I had that “soul glow” because I didn’t keep it wet and moisturized to death. However, I did get tired of the stickiness that came with maintaining that do! I had #switchersremorse and after about 5 years came back to my senses and went back to my natural hair. I’ve never been happier!  So finally, finally, I returned my hair to where it started, it’s natural state.

Over the years I’ve worn my hair braided, loc’d, weaved, twisted, just about any natural hair style you can think of I’ve had it. And I am happy! I love my “nappy” hair and although I tried going both extra straight and extra curly, I’m perfectly happy with my hair in its natural state! Today it brings me joy to see so many women embracing their natural hair, when I did it over 25 years ago I was a bit of a unicorn but I’m in excellent company now!

Disclosure: This is a paid post for Verizon's #SwitchersRemorse campaign. If you switched away from Verizon and are regretting it, don't worry. They're making it easy for customers to come back. For more information head over to your local Verizon store. 

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

How to make vegetable pasta with the Veggetti Pro

I admit, I have tried just about every type of diet that is out there. Okay, not every type but certainly the Clean diet, paleo and gluten free.  I have experienced success with all of them and felt healthier. I can remember when I lived in South Africa and I went to a holistic doctor for a check-up. He found that I had high blood pressure and suggested a diet for my blood type- O. It actually was quite similar to the clean diet and removed wheat, gluten and many of my favs like shrimp from my diet. Although it was a sacrifice, I lost weight, lowered my blood pressure and felt better. I know that omitting many carbs from my diet (not all because we do need carbs) works well for me and when I was eating paleo, I missed pasta but used spaghetti squash as a substitute. For a long time I coveted a machine that would turn my zucchini into pasta but never invested in one. Now, courtesy of Walmart, I am the proud owner of a Veggetti Pro machine($24.88) which will turn my veggies into pasta, slaw and chips! Color me happy!

The Veggetti is great because it is easy to use and at a great price point just under $25.00. Out of the box it is ready to go. You simply have to remove the tape on the blade, insert a veggie and you are off to the races. It comes with three different blades, with storage space. You have the thin spiral blade that makes spaghetti sized veggie pasta, the thick spiral blade for things like slaw and the ribbon blade that you can use for making chips - sweet potato are a favorite!

With the exception of the base, you can put the parts of the Veggetti in your dishwasher, the base requires hand washing. If you have storage space you can store it fully assembled but if not, you can easily disassemble it. I think the Veggetti is perfect for picky eaters like my son. I would like for him to branch out with vegetables but he is pretty stuck on his mainstays. I believe if I get him to help me make veggie pasta, he will be more inclined to try it.

The veggetti is so easy to use, a child can do it (with supervision of course since there are blades involved) and it is fun! Check out how it works in my video below.

If you want to try veggie pasta, make easy chips or even slaw, I highly recommend the Veggetti!

My Summer Style

“Summer, Summer, Summertime! Time to sit back and unwind!” ~ Fresh Prince

I absolutely LOVE summer, it is my favorite time of the year. And since this winter was especially brutal, I plan on totally enjoying the dog days of summer! I love beauty and fashion during all seasons but summer is when I really shine. I love the flirty dresses of the season, I like to just throw one on and go. And of course being the beauty maven that I am, I still don’t leave home without makeup but I change my routine up a bit to accommodate the summer heat. I headed to to check out some summer dresses. I found one that I think is cute and I can just throw on without thinking about it. That it what I love about the summer, carefree dressing that looks put together with little effort.

I found this cute zipfront dress that I can wear on a hot summer evening on the town. It is a statement dress that I can partner with a pair of sandals and a clutch. Of course, my look would not be complete without my summer makeup. All year I’ve been a fan of minimalist makeup and I am continuing the theme this summer.

I am foregoing my usual foundation and instead using Flower Flower Beauty Balm BB Cream ($12.00) in 4. I really like it because it is lightweight and acts as a primer and foundation all in one.  For my eyes I keep things really simple and use elf cream eyeliner in midnight ($3.00). I apply it with a slanted brush and I find it goes on easily and I have the ability to apply it as thin or thick as I like! I follow with waterproof mascara because I am not a girl who glistens, I SWEAT so to keep my makeup on my eyes on not in my eyes, waterproof is essential! I like Flower zoom in ultimate mascara ($7.98) waterproof intense black and CoverGirl Supersizer waterproof mascara (look for it in Walmart’s circular this week). For my cheeks, I like a two in one and Hard candy cheeks and balances highlight and contour cheek duo($6.00) is great. It is so easy to apply and gives me a nice glow. And for my lips I like elf matte lip color in tea rose, I add a little gloss on top and I am ready to go! From head to toe Walmart has me covered for the summer!

Monday, June 29, 2015

Birthday Cake from Walmart

My son’s birthday was in May and he is a huge Skylanders fan. When I asked him what type of theme cake he would like for his birthday, he immediately responded Skylanders. Initially I started my search for his cake by visiting the website of a grocery store in the South that is well known for its bakery. I found a Skylanders cake that was $30.00 but before I placed my order, I decided to check in with Walmart to see if they had a similar cake. If you don’t know it, Walmart cakes are actually really good. When my cousin worked at Walmart he introduced me to their bakery and I had to admit I was quite impressed. When I visited Walmart I asked about a Skylander cake and lo and behold I found one for $19.00! It was a complete no brainer for me, I placed my order for pickup on the morning of my son’s birthday party. The cake was perfect and my son was beyond pleased and the kicker? It was the same cake that I almost spend ten dollars more for!

I wish I had known about the quality of Walmart’s cakes long ago. As is tradition, for my son’s first birthday I gave him his first taste of sweets with his very own smash cake. On my recent visit to Walmart’s headquarters, I learned that smash cakes are free with the purchase of any cake! I’m telling all of my friends with young babies, the free smash cake is a winner.

During my visit I also learned that you can customize cakes to your specifications and you can even get a layered cake. And if you are having a themed birthday party you can get everything you need from Walmart, from napkins, paper plates and tablecloths to the cake! Walmart is a one stop shop for special occasions and I’m a big fan!

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