Aqua Spa at home relaxation products

Sometimes I just need to relax. Usually my “me” time is spent in the gym lifting weights and cranking out some cardio. I have to admit that feeling the endorphins running through my veins is an awesome experience. But to really relax my heart rate needs to slow down, deep tranquil breath must enter my lungs and all of my stress needs to melt away. I know a few ways to relax, a beach vacation and a trip to the spa. Neither of these things is on my agenda anytime soon, so what to do? Well, Walmart carries the Aqua Spa line which brings the spa into your home for just $7.97 a product. Now this type of relaxation I can get with! I was sent the entire line of products to try out and based on my experience, they work!

The day I received my basket, I asked my son if I should what I should try: Soothe, Relax or Energize. And because I have aching muscles from working out, he suggested that I run a bath (IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY!) and Soothe my tired muscles. He promised to play and entertain myself while I enjoyed my bath. Well, how could I refuse that offer? Aromatherapy is a big part of the Aqua Spa line. 

Soothe uses the scent of eucalyptus and mint to invigorate my muscles and I poured the Bath Oil for moisture into my tub and added Bath Soak too for soaking and relieving my pain. I was actually surprised that when I turned on the jets to my bath bubbles formed so I really was in a nirvana.

When I finished soaking I took a shower (anyone else do this?) and used the body cleanser. Finally I used the body creme to moisturize. It was an incredible experience. I need to take a bath more often but right now I am averaging one bath a week. When I am not soaking I use the Energize line with the scent of Ginger and Citrus to get me ready for my days. With each AquaSpa product only $7.97 I will be purchasing these lines on a regular!


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