Let there be light: Depression, dancing and great friends!

Music makes me high!

The past two weekends have been incredible! They were filled with friends, family, fun, laughter and dancing. Lots and lots of dancing! This has been a turning point of sorts for me because over the last four months or so I’ve been struggling with dysthymia ( otherwise know as chronic depression). This is nothing new for me, I’ve battled with it on and off since childhood. It manifests in general malaise, over indulgence and lack of motivation.  Although I’ve taken medication in the past, for two years I’ve been able to keep depression at bay by exercising; however this time around I lost the motivation to get up and do it. So, I spiralled down into the abyss while keeping up the pretense of things being generally okay.

Familiar with the cycle, I know I’ve made some poor decisions but I have been able to stay afloat which is meaningful. I am sure you are wondering how this links to my excellent weekends, well, being surrounded by my friends and keeping my soul filled with music has helped me to get back on track. My dysthymia has not gone away but I have become more organized and motivated which ultimately will lead to physical exercise. And the endorphins? Well they keep me level and hopefully I will return to my normal self fairly quickly.

Ivan and I with city lights

Last weekend I was visited by my college friend Ivan who helped me tremendously (Ivan is an exceptional graphic artist and web designer. I’m not biased - well maybe a little - check him out if you are looking for great work!)  We spent the majority of our time together painting.  An ominous task considering the sheer size of the place and our limited time but we did it. I have to give him props.  One day I was talking to him about living in my house for 7 years and never making it a home (only my son’s room and the guest room are painted). He volunteered to visit and help transform my house into a home.

I get by with a little help from my friend! 
After about 15 hours of labor, the finished product! 

I am absolutely enamored with my new room. The bright yellow and lavender colors make it almost impossible for me to stay in bed upon waking. We used Behr Premium paint and the walls are just fabulous even with only one coat of paint! In addition to painting,  Ivan and I enjoyed sushi (my favorite!), celebrated his birthday (and a reward for his hard work) at my favorite seafood restaurant Lure. We also  spent some time with my friends. An absolute ball and believe it or not, being “busy” helped me get motivated in ways I never imagined. I am going to tackle my closet next but will NOT post a before photo because I can’t let you in on ALL the crazy! The only thing that was missing from an otherwise perfect weekend was dancing. But Labor Day weekend made up for it!

I’ve spoken about my love of dance in the past but I was fully emerged in music, fellowship and dancing this weekend. House in the Park is an annual event that culminates with a huge bbq/cookout/dance party in Grant Park. But for the past three years “Weekender Events” have been held starting the Thursday before the big event. I wasn’t able to get out Thursday (sadly I missed the Prince party) and Friday but I was busy through Labor Day! 

I started by dancing at my girlfriend Allison’s event Celebrate! A Day Party that is not to be missed if you are ever visiting Atlanta. I started dancing around 5 and didn’t stop until the party ended at 10pm!
I moved on to two more parties (conveniently located across the street) Sounds of the City and The Return of KemeticJust. I stayed out until 1:45am. I did have dinner between Celebrate and these parties but I’d say that was just an hour. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE to DANCE? 

Dancing early in the festivities HITP
Sunday was House in the Park (HITP), it was hot as HADES but I loved it. It was like a college reunion, bbq and dance party. What’s not to like?

I visited friends, ate, drank and was merry! Reminiscent of Christmas in August! I had a ball. After the event ended at 8pm, I went home took a shower and a disco nap then hit the streets at 11 for the after party. I literally did not leave the dance floor except to get some water - TWICE and closed the place down at 3AM. But I wasn’t done yet! On Monday, I went to the Soundtracking of our lives Tour Brunch Party featuring all women DJs.

DJ Lynnée Denise was on FIRE! 

I did rest up during the day so I only made it for an hour but I heard DJ Lynée Denise spin and it was bananas! Check out the video below and check out a few of my moves. Allison shot it and says I have energizer bunny inside of me, I'd venture to say I have two or three! Dancing is my favorite exercise and I go HARD!

Oh these past two weekend have given me LIFE! I’d almost forgotten how GREAT friends and awesome music can affect my mood. As a result of theses weekends things around here have changed. I have awakened every morning to a beautiful room that gives me the energy I need to start my days. I listen to house music and get my groove on which activates me mind, body and soul. And I think I am finally reaching the light at the end of tunnel. For this, I am grateful!


Nancy said…
Renee, I'm not gonna lie, I feel this way a lot. The depressed part. Although undiagnosed, the symptoms you listed are all too familiar. Been in a funk and looking to pull myself out. Thank you for sharing!
Anonymous said…
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