Monistat - It Works!

I crack myself up. I am sure you were afraid of what this post was going to be about but trust me, this is a great tip. Monistat makes more than *ahem* feminine products, as a matter of fact the chaffing gel is one of the products in their line. The gel is supposed to be used to prevent chaffing - if you have thigh chaffing it can be very helpful. However, that is not the focus of this post.

This post is all about make-up. That's right, make-up. If you wear make-up and desire a long lasting application and reduction in shine, applying a primer is a must. I have worn make-up for years and never believed the hype about primer until a couple of weeks ago when I visited the Lancome counter.

I complained that although I like their long lasting foundation, I found that it came off on things - especially my iPhone. The make-up artist informed me that applying primer would help with that problem. I have to say that she was correct but the thought of dropping another 40 bucks or so on primer left me shaking. There had to be a less expensive alternative.

Researcher that I am I searched high and low on the internet for affordable primers. Lo and behold I found a discussion on a message board about Monistat chaffing gel. Make-up divas were proclaiming their love for the stuff and saying it worked as well or better than more expensive primers.

I had to try it out.

I figured even if it didn't work I could afford to test it at $4 and if it did work, bonus!

The test. I applied the gel to my face and it felt exactly like the expensive primer. It was cool, silky and seemed to give a nice base for my foundation. I let it dry for a couple of minutes and then applied my foundation. During the day I found that my make-up stayed intact with minimal reapplication and very little shine. I was impressed!

So, I had to share this information with you. Monistat Chaffing Gel is a great alternative to expensive primers and worked extremely well when put to the test. I sincerely doubt that I will ever pay for an expensive name brand primer. Unorthodox, yes but try it and let me know what you think.

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Sarah said…
I would never have thought of that! It makes perfect sense though. Thanks for the tip!
Alicia said…
Wow..who would have known!!

I have the primer from Bare Minerals but I never use it!!
That's fabulous! Will have to try that!

Reminds me of a tip I learned from a model back in high school- to use red-eye drops for a zit - helps get the red out! ;)
Reiza said…
This is so neat. I never even thought of this, but it's great to know. Thanks. :-) You can't go wrong with money-saving unorthodox finds. :-D
angie said…
Thanks for the heads up. I've never heard of this product, or used a primer, but I'm going to try it.
BoufMom9 said…
What a handy tip! Who would've thought???? (and, who figures this stuff out? LOL)

Happy WW!
Uh, yeah the title worried me at first. I was like "Renee is really about to let it all hang out for real!" LOL! But how cool is this! I am not a big make-up wearer but this is a great tip! Thanks for sharing.
blueviolet said…
I was thinking TMI at first!

I've never used a makeup primer. Interesting!
Anonymous said…
Oh wow! So cool! I'm glad you tested it out for us first as I may have felt a bit odd slathering Monistat on my face.

I'm like blueviolet, I've never used a primer. I think that has to do with the word; "primer" is a scary word since it makes me think of car paint.
Monistat isn't anywhere near as scary of a word.

Thanks so much for the tip! I will definitely give it a try.
Nap Warden said…
Well, you know I'm gonna have to try this...
Dorkys Ramos said…
Oh wow, who knew? Thanks for the tip!

And thanks for entering my kid's kitchen set giveaway!
Kathy Sykes said…
I have to admit, I flinched a little bit when I read the title!!
I am an avid makeup wearer so I may try this.
Thanks for the tip!
Naomi said…
Thanks for sharing... but don't you wonder how someone came up with the idea in the first place?!
Everytime I visit, you leave me educated beyond belief. Wonder what else we can use it for, besides chaffing?
Octamom said…
Interesting! Thanks for the info! I'll keep this in mind!

TRochelle said…
Okay I thought myself..."Monistat? First poop now Monistat lol!
See where my mind went. Then I saw chaffing! I thought what the heck is chaffed? Then to see this was advice on makeup, it was even more hilarious!

Oh this was a great post and I needed to laugh at my old goofy self.
Nanny Dee said…
Wow -- talk about a headline that grabs your attention! I was blog hopping around and saw this post title in someone's blog roll and had to check it out. What a great tip!

Thanks --

Petula said…
I've never even tried a primer, but I'm sure I'll remember this if I ever need one. You're right... I was wondering what in the world were you writing about this time. LOL.
Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
So you put Monistat on your face. Nope. Too easy. I can't even make the jokes.
I don't even know what to say about this. I never even heard of using a primer for your make-up and secondly using a chaffing gel. I love that we can be so creative and find different uses for one product.
Who'da thunk it?! Now that's what I call double duty! I mostly wear powder. With 5 kids, and our VERY busy schedules, I don't have time to do the REAL makeup thing that often, although I love wearing it. And I hate it when it gets on stuff, expecially my cell phone!
Ms. Wanda said…
Now that's a tip, Thank's Cutie Booty Cakes:) You know an old friend of mine and don't laugh told me you could put Preperation H on your wrinkles and puffy eyes it helps them? I don't know I'm just sharing what I heard:)

Ms. Wanda
Carole said…
Preparation H used to be used for tightening puffy eyes, but they have changed the formula.

I've always used Avon foundations - Perfect Wear stays on all day. I put my makeup on in the morning and don't have time to touch it all day. The blush is what comes off on the phones I think.

I like bullet proof makeup. Avon make the best eyeliner too - the Glimmersticks. I buy a bunch when they're on sale. My daughter goes through a ton of it.(their mascara is not so good though)
Thanks for the info. I never would have expected this.
T.Allen-Mercado said…
Haha interesting, I'm not a makeup wearer, but hell-I make an occasional appearance as a member of the chafe thighs club, I'm going to give it a try!
Sheryl said…
I recently bought one of those expensive primer brands and love it! So, I'm here to tell you I'd be lots happier spending $4.00 verses $40! Thanks for the thrifty update!
My sister has used it for chafing. It works great for that. I believe you when you say it works great under your make up, but I am still scared to try it on my skin. It's sensitive. Good tip though.
Wow. I have to admit I'll give it a try.
I have used Preperation H on my head for migraines. Sooo ... sure I'll try it!
1stopmom said…
That sounds interesting and I have wondered does primer make a difference myself. I just did not want to waste money trying to find out. I am going to go get some tonight and try it out. Thank Renee!

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