My UltraShape Body Contouring Final Results! #ultrayou #ultrashape

This is my final post in my four part series about my experience with UltraShape. If you’ve missed any of my posts, here are my links to part 1, 2 and 3. UltraShape is the only FDA cleared non-invasive body contouring procedure that uses pulsed ultrasound for fat reduction. I received 3 treatments in total as recommend for the best results. My belly fat was treated over the course of 9 weeks and I was amazed that my body started changing after the first treatment!

I recorded my measurements prior to each of my three treatments.

To say I am pleased is an understatement. I am actually amazed. In a little over 2 months I have lost 2.5 inches from my belly without any effort on my part! When I started UltraShape I said that I was going to work on eating cleaner and exercising. Well, summertime was fun time for me and although I didn’t go hog wild with my eating, I didn’t really change my habits much. I did some exercise but nothing close to the level that I do when I am really in beast mode. I can only imagine what my results would have been had I really been hitting my healthy living hard and receiving UltraShape treatments. Check out my before and after photos!

After results like these, I am motivated to pick up my healthy habits to keep the momentum going. I am sure by the winter my body will be even further transformed as a result of my diet and exercise and I might just reward myself by taking a trip to a tropical climate to show it off!

My final thoughts about UltraShape

UltraShape has been a great experience for me, there was absolutely no downtime and no pain associated with the treatments. At times the machine did get a little hot but I simply told my technician and she moved from the area that was being treated. My treatments had a duration that ranged from 25 - 35 minutes although the times vary depending on the individual. I think UltraShape is a great way to get rid of the stubborn belly that is associated with having a baby, or the last few inches after weight loss. I would really advise pairing healthy eating and exercise to see the absolute best results but I can tell you despite not being on top of this the way I wanted to be, I am more than pleased with my final results. I know that the fat can come possibly back if I do not live a healthy lifestyle and this has motivated me to really focus on healthy living.  You can find more information on the UltraShape website and also be sure to watch my video below to hear more of my thoughts about the process!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post written in partnership with Social Moms and UltraShape. I have received the UltraShape treatments and been compensated for sharing my experience and thoughts. As usual, all opinions are my own. 


Teresa said…
Thank you for sharing your experiences with this product. It was great watching your body transform into a healthier, stronger body through the photos. I am definitely interesting in trying UltraShape after this. If I do, of course pairing this with good diet and exercise is always a good idea.

Teresa @ Centre D'elle

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