Decking my son out in clothes for Batman v. Superman!

Batman v Superman opened last Friday and although I was gung ho to see it (I have an outfit and everything), I realized Spring break starts this week and since we are having a staycation, my son and I will be seeing the movie together. It is important to delay gratification when it means enjoying experiences with my son and I know we are going to have a ball! I can’t be selfish and wear apparel for the movie (I’m team Batman if you don’t already know) alone, so we ventured to Walmart to check out the offerings for my son. Walmart did not disappoint and there are numerous options available for fans of Batman and Superman alike.

You may remember that my son and I wore Batman pjs for Christmas, we are truly fans so of course, he wants to wear Batman licensed gear! For those boys interested in Superman, not to worry, Walmart has you covered too. 

If you are indecisive and simply want to represent both characters, you guessed it - there is Batman v Superman apparel for you. 

If you haven’t made it in store yet, be sure to stop by this your local Walmart on April 2nd to enjoy a Batman v. Superman event that enables you to get stickers, pins and other handouts for your favorite character.

If you are unable to take the trip, you can play the Choose Your Hero game on and win votes and digital prizes that can be downloaded immediately. After playing you can shop online for fun Batman v. Superman gear.  The fun doesn’t stop with apparel, you will find bedding, toys and food items online and in store. My son and I are gearing up for a fun Batman v. Superman weekend, we plan on making the most of our staycation and wearing our licensed tee shirts while we do it. And did I mention prices are truly reasonable starting at $7.97! Whatever you decide to do...rep your favorite character, you know we will!


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