Holiday Shopping made easy with Walmart site to store #wmtmoms #ad

Unlike many of my friends I am not a person who enjoys shopping. My friends will go from store to store looking for the perfect find, sale, etc. But me? Not so much. I like to go in, find what I am looking for and leave. Perhaps that is why I only go clothes shopping for myself in stores about once a year. However, during the holidays shopping is a requirement so what is a girl like me to do? Well, I am an online shopping queen and with the holidays in full swing, I want to avoid shopping in stores all together. So Walmart’s Store Pick Up is perfect for me. I can place my order for the items I want online and have it shipped directly to my store. Genius!

When I am shopping online at I look for items that are available for store pick-up and after placing my order I simply wait to be notified. This is a money saver for me too because I don’t have to pay shipping costs. This time around I shopped for pajamas because my son and I always wear matching Christmas pj’s. When I found the Batman pajamas that he wanted I didn’t see a pair that I liked for myself so I went online. Lucky me I found a Batgirl nightshirt ($9.00) with a cape! 

This is perfect because he has a Batman t-shirt with a cape that he can pair with his pj’s and now we are ready for Christmas morning!

After placing my order online I am given a date for pick up.  One of my favorite aspects of store pickup is that I receive alerts when my items are ready both by email and by text. After I placed my order, I waited for the notification and it ended up coming a day early! I took a quick trip to my local Walmart and no waiting on lines for me; I follow the orange signs to the Pick Up area, show an associate my identification and my items are given to me. No waiting, no looking through racks of clothes, just in and done! If you are looking for an easy way to shop, Walmart store pick-up is a great option!


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