I've lost 18 pounds in 3 weeks with the Ladimax Lifestyle!

I’ve been following the Ladimax lifestyle program for two weeks now and you may remember that I started off with the Ladimax Lifestyle Hollywood Beatdown one week boot camp with some great results! It is time for an update on my progress and thoughts about what I’ve been doing thus far. I am enjoying living the Ladimax Lifestyle because it is an holistic approach to healthy living. Before I started, I had an intact call with NIcole Sanders, the trainer for the program and we talked about my goals and discussed things related to my personal training and diet plan. It went really well and I was soon on my way. There is a Ladimax website and community where I can track my meals and have guidance for my exercises. Since there is an app for my phone, I generally utilize that for food tracking and I do a good deal of interacting on the private facebook group for Ladimax Lifestyle participants.

In terms of my meal plan, for the first two weeks I ate the same thing daily. I personally like this approach because I don’t have to think about my meals. I try to do one big meal preparation day toward the beginning of the week and supplement with additional cooking as needed. After my first two weeks, my progress was assessed and if it is moving along nicely, my food options become more interesting. Based on my progress, the meal plan for this upcoming week has changed. I call that a victory!

My body has been changing each week and I have been really impressed by my results. To date, here are my numbers:

Weight lost: 18 pounds
Inches lost: 11.25
      Chest: 3 inches
         Waist: 5.5 inches
            Hips: 2.75 inches

Are my results the “norm” probably not, each of us have different body types that respond to changing diets and exercise differently. What I will say is this - I have done this in a way that is healthy, I am eating real food and I am exercising on average 30-45 minutes per day. I was totally strict about my diet the first couple of weeks but have had a few drinks and meal substitutions when I’ve gone out to dinner. This is life, things come up but I never stray far from my goals so I stay on track. I have been traveling this weekend so I have taken it off but I will back to exercising tomorrow! I have 11 more days until my reunion, I am still hoping to get into my jeans, stick around and see if I make it! If you’d like to join me and live the Ladimax Lifestyle, click here.

Disclosure: I am participating in the Ladimax Lifestyle program in return for my honest review of the program, all opinions are my own.


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