8.6 pounds down 4.75 inches gone thanks to Ladimax Lifestyle #HollywoodBeatdownAtlanta!

For the past year or so I’ve been in a rut. Life happened. I not making excuses, it is reality. And quite frankly, I just hadn’t been very focused on living the healthy lifestyle that I was accustomed to. For the most part I made fairly good food choices but exercise didn’t happen very often. My weight crept up but I was still in my personal “normal” range. But this January and the subsequent months, things just became really hectic in my world. I have been overwhelmed by stress in just about every area of my life and I totally fell back to my emotional safety net - eating. Well, I take that back, I really didn’t eat much but when I did......I had hot wings, red vines, ice cream, pasta, YOU NAME IT! I knew getting my health together would help me both physically and mentally but I just wasn’t ready.

I’ve been working on finding the joy during my challenges and slowly but surely began every day with a more positive outlook, didn’t let depression keep me down and became much more productive. I still didn’t get my health together but I was seriously thinking about it. And then, my friend Rene aka Good Enough Mother  hit me up in my inbox on facebook and asked if I was interested in the Ladimax Lifestyle Hollywood Beatdown Bootcamp Atlanta. It was led by Celebrity trainer Nicole Sanders and having watched Rene’s transformation, I knew Nicole was the truth and this opportunity was like a blessing from Heaven.

For five days, I along with 7 other women ate clean healthy meals (3 were prepared for us by the Ladimax team, WINNING!), woke up at the buttcrack of morning and made our way to 6am bootcamp. We worked out together, laughed and I am quite sure a few tears (the good kind) were shed as we all made a commitment to ourselves to do better! Well, I tell you what, it worked! I lost 4.75 inches, 8.6 pounds and 7.3% body fat. I am most proud of the drop in my body fat because when I started last Monday I was at 36.6% and anything over 30% puts you at risk for heart disease! My goal was to get below that number but I had no idea I’d do it in 5 days!

The Ladimax program is focused on dispelling the myth that you have to reduce calories and do cardio like it is going out of style to make a difference. The goal? Build muscle and reduce fat. Get off the scale and look at the inches lost to measure progress. All of the meals I ate were clean and healthy but I ate 5 times a day! The exercise was about 30 minutes daily. It works people. I am so inspired by my results and am feeling so great that I’ve partnered with Ladimax Lifestyle to be on their program. Ladimax Lifestyle is a virtual training program for women that works....if you work it!

Not convinced by my five day results? Well, watch me work as I prepared for my upcoming college reunion. Check back here weekly for updates on my progress. This is going to be good folks, I just know it! You can check out the program for yourself and join me here. Look out world, I’m feeling good! Here is a video...I just can't contain my excitement.

Disclosure: I partnered with Ladimax Lifestyle and attended the boot camp in exchange for my honest thoughts and opinions. I think the results speak for themselves!


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