Easy Easter Egg Wreath {DIY}

All of my adult life I had a desire to be a mother however motherhood for me was contingent upon being married, owning my home and having a great career. I also had personal goals to accomplish before family life, most specifically living as an ex-pat in a foreign country and putting my Masters degree in International Affairs to good use. I am a person who sticks to her goals and I accomplished all of them. When I had my son I decided to focus on raising him as my mother did with me and I was able to take my career in a different direction that enabled me to stay home and earn money too. Being a professional blogger has been a huge blessing for me.

As a homemaker I am able to cook, do crafts, travel and truly “l live my life like it’s golden” as I take care of my son. Although I am no longer married, I still am able to work from home and raise my son. I’m doing more than I ever expected and having a grand time doing it. Although I’ve always known I was creative, years ago if you mentioned I’d be the “mom” decorating her home for every season, I’d look at you cross-eyed! But now, I absolutely love to do little crafts to prepare my home for the holidays. Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, you name it, I’m crafting or cooking up something to celebrate!

Easter is right around the corner so I put my creative juices to work and with a little help from Pinterest found an easy and inexpensive Easter Egg Wreath (less than $5.00!)  to share with you. I purchased my supplies from Walmart -

2 packages of 42 pastel plastic eggs ($1.98 each)
1 package Easter Grass ($.38)

I already own a glue gun and if you are crafty like me you need one too! If you don’t have one you can purchase the small Ad Tech hi temp glue gun that I have for $2.97. I used cardboard that I had around the house as a base for my wreath and ribbon that I had on hand to hang it on my door. This craft is very easy, simple and quick to make!

To start, I used a 12 inch cake pan to draw a circle on the cardboard and used an 8 inch cake pan for the inner circle. I cut it out with my craft knife but of course you can always use scissors if you don’t have one. Once I had my base I started gluing the plastic eggs butt to butt on the cardboard. I went completely around the circle until it was filled. 

I placed hot glue in the empty spaces and filled them with grass. Next I added one more layer of eggs randomly and added a little more grass. Finally I used my ribbon to tie the wreath to my door.

Now I have a pretty wreath to greet family and friends when they stop by my home during the Easter season!


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