Christmas Centerpiece {DIY}

Did you know that Christmas is just 6 weeks away? And for the first time I am in the mood for the holiday early. Last month I took a trip to Arkansas to visit the Walmart headquarters with the Walmart Moms program. We were given the opportunity to preview some crafts for the holidays and I wanted to go right home and get crafty! I absolutely adore centerpieces and we were shown a wide variety of them for our homes.

I however am going home for Thanksgiving and since I have been traveling so much over the last month, I’ve decided to get a head start on Christmas decorating. I enjoy making my son happy, he loved the Halloween decorations and likes my fall floral centerpiece. Later today we are going to work on a Thanksgiving craft that he can do but for our holiday table, I decided to go ahead and get into the Christmas mood. Six weeks! I gotta do it. I am so much into the Christmas spirit that I will likely put up my tree as soon as I return from New York because there will only be 3 more weeks until Christmas!

So, what did I do? I made a very simple centerpiece from things I purchased from Walmart and a few leftover ornaments from last year. To start, I used a silver mirrored picture frame from the Better Homes and Garden line ($12.00). I purchased some glitter scrapbook paper and flamless wax candles by Mainstays. I really love the votives because they are vanilla scented and that is my favorite!

I cut out the glitter paper in two colors -white and blue. I like both and will switch them out depending on my mood. With the blue you can see more of the glitter so I think I will keep that for awhile. I placed the paper in the frame and replaced the back. I found that the kickstand for the frame made it uneven on my table so I removed the pin and took it off. I am keeping it in a drawer until after the holidays when I will replace it and put a picture of my son in the frame!

Next, I took last year’s spiral ornament and removed three spirals. I wrapped each candle with one like a ribbon. I attached a flower ornament to the “ribbon” on the largest candle using the clip. And then I arranged the candles and a couple silver ornaments on my “platter”. Finally, I sprinkled the glitter pieces that fell off my ribbon onto the platter and Voila! My centerpiece is complete! Check out my video below.

My son and I both enjoy having dinner to “candlelight” this centerpiece is a winner!


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