Kids fashion - celebrating the holidays in style! #ad

My son and I have been doing all sorts of fun holiday activities. Last week we made ornaments for the tree, we’ve been to a Christmas Carol concert and have visited Santa. On our outings, my son wanted to look his best and I knew I could find options at Walmart. I visited our local Walmart and found a cute 3 piece George Boys Argyle sweater set for him to wear on our adventures. I was immediately drawn to the sweater and having the pants and shirt were an added bonus! The entire set was only $19.99 so extremely affordable during the holiday season, especially when I’d prefer to spend money on gifts like toys and books that I know he really wants!

Our first stop on the Christmas train was to the Morehouse/Spelman Glee Club Christmas Carol Concert. I am a Spelman College alumna and if you are not familiar with the schools both are Historically Black Colleges (HBCU). Spelman is all women and Morehouse is all men. They come together annually for the Christmas Concert and although in the past I’ve seen some of the songs performed, this was my first time seeing the entire concert.  I truly enjoyed sharing this experience with my son and he looked sharp in his sweater from Walmart.

I was a special VIP guest and attended a reception at my school before we were shuttled over to Morehouse (escorted by the police). It was a really nice touch but funny because Morehouse is literally across the street but alumnas of all ages were present, at my table I sat with a Diamond, she was celebrating 64 years since graduating from our esteemed school! Mekhi and I had a wonderful time, the concert was 2.5 hours long but he stayed awake and involved the entire time. No breaks.

Our next adventure was to visit Santa. Although in the past he has never really dressed up to see Santa, my son insisted on wearing his entire 3 piece ensemble to say hello to the man in red. Santa was sweet and asked my son and his grades and what he wanted for Christmas. It was funny because I had to fill the blanks, my son had forgotten his list which wasn’t that long to begin with!

All in all I see getting a lot of wear from this outfit, my son loves it and with his stamp of approval, I know he will be asking to wear it often! Perfect for the holidays and beyond!


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