DIY Christmas ornaments {kids craft}

“Here comes Santa Claus, here comes Santa Claus, right down Santa Claus lane!” Oh we are in full Christmas swing in my household! And my son very clearly understands the reason for the season but he cannot wait for Santa to make his appearance this year. I have mentioned on numerous occasions how much I enjoy decorating my home in celebration of all of the big days during the holiday season. You must have gathered that Christmas tops them all! The past two years my home was adorned with the lovely fragrance of pine from the Christmas tree. This year I have an intense travel schedule so rather than decorate a tree here, my son and I will do the honors when we visit my mom for the holidays.

This means packing up our special ornaments. Every year we have ornaments that mean something to us. They can be from a trip we’ve taken, a gift or even ornaments that we make. This year I received a special ornament from Spelman College, I am a proud alumna of the historically black college and was invited to a special holiday reception followed by the 89th annual Spelman Morehouse Glee club Christmas Carol concert. My gift? A Spelman ornament! My son decided that he wanted to celebrate The Force and so now he is the proud owner of a Yoda ornament for the tree.

But the most special ornaments are the ones that he makes and so today I set up a craft station to let his creative juices flow. I picked up an array of unpainted wooden ornaments from Walmart and provided him with utensils to get the job done. Paint, glitter, brushes, glitter paint, crayons, markers, you name it, I had it. My son was thrilled. While I worked on a wooden piece that says Faith, he made 3 different ornaments.

He used crayons, glitter paint, acrylic paint and paint markers to adorn the ornaments. We are both quite pleased with the results! When they were completed we both agreed that these works of art have to accompany us when we travel for the holidays. We are really feeling festive here and although we don’t have the twinkling lights and lovely scent of pine in our home, we more than make up for it with activities like this one to put us in the holiday mood! These ornaments are now part of our permanent collection and we will continue to make ornaments annually until he becomes disinterested but I’m hoping he will always enjoy this time we spend together making lasting memories for years to come!  


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