Solutions 24 Clinical Dark Spots Corrector Stick

This is my second installation of my journey to improve the appearance of the hyperpigmentation spots on my face that are a result of adult acne. I have been using Solutions 24 clinical dark spots corrector stick for two weeks. Here is a photo of how my skin looks today. I am very pleased with the ease of use of the product, although I initially had some reservations about my ability to control the amount of Solutions 24 that I would be able to place on my scars, I have been doing pretty well. I was concerned that the surface area is too large and I’d end up getting product on my face in areas where it isn’t needed. So far, it doesn’t seem like that is a problem however I suppose the true test will be how my skin looks at the end of my 4 week journey. The only thing I want to bring attention to is that I am currently experiencing a  breakout (those darn hormones) and so I have some new dark spots that I just started treating. It is my hope that I eventually am able to get my acne under control (and it is improving) so that I can simply work on getting rid of the scars and not have any new ones.

Using the dark spots corrector stick is simple, I have been utilizing it twice daily in the morning and evening after I cleanse my face and prior to using any other products. I am also using a moisturizer with SP15 as recommended. By using the SPF I am keeping my dark spots from getting even darker, whenever you are treating hyperpigmentation and just generally as a rule, SPF is mandatory to protect my skin (and I recommend everyone use SPF on a regular basis).

My progress week 2

I am looking forward to seeing the progression of my skin as I continue to use Solutions 24 clinical dark spots corrector stick. This product is available in 1800 Walmart stores and on It is priced at $11.23 which makes me extraordinarily happy because when I was using prescription medication I was paying upward of $75 for my medication to improve the appearance of my dark spots.
Be sure to visit next week to see how I am progressing!


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