VitaSelect helps you choose your vitamins #wmtmoms #ad

Last year I wrote about a Vitaselect, a helpful tool offered by Walmart to help identify the right vitamins for you.  There have been some updates to Vitaselect that I’d like to share with you - it is now available on mobile devices and there is a larger variety of brands of vitamins to choose from. If you remember from last year, I am a big fan of gummy vitamins so before I even stepped foot into Walmart to purchase vitamins, I knew I was going for the gummies. I don’t know about you but I find them easier to digest and they taste good so I actually look forward to taking my vitamins daily.

When I went to Walmart, I’d just run out of vitamins so I pulled out my smartphone to take the 19 question quiz again to find out which vitamins Vitaselect would choose for me. Taking the quiz on my phone was quick and easy, I did it while walking around the store and was done by the time I made it to the vitamin section. I suppose my needs have not changed over the past year because once again a multi-vitamin and B-Complex were suggested for me. I of course purchased both and I stuck to my personal favorite brand, Vitafusion. I choose these because I like the taste and I especially like the price point. I was able to purchase a month and half supply of multivitamins and b-complex for under $15.00!

In addition to the multi-vitamin and B-complex, a calcium supplement was suggested and I plan on picking that up on my next trip to Walmart. Overall, if you are interested in finding the right vitamins, VitaSelect is an excellent tool for you to use - even when on the go, and provides a variety of different brands of vitamins so there is something for everyone!


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