How to choose Vitamins

On my journey to the best body ever I am making more and more healthy eating choices. I mean I have always done so but I am being even more vigilent about adding protein and many veggies consciously. I can say that I am seeing results, I am no longer anemic and am so happy about that. I do however think it is important for me to take vitamins and this is something that I am not always on top of. I think the main problem is trying to figure out what vitamins I actually need to take. I know a women’s multivitamin is important but beyond that I am clueless. When Walmart asked me to try out the VitaSelect tool on I was interested because I want to know what vitamins I should be taking based on my lifestyle.

VitaSelect asks questions about your lifestyle, what type (if any) of conditions you have, even if you get outside and absorb some good ole vitamin D from the sun 15 minutes a day. Based on your answers, VitaSelect makes suggestions about the vitamins that would be beneficial for you. In addition to providing suggestions, you can also have the information sent to your email so that you have it for future reference. If you are anything like me and always wondering the best vitamins for you, I highly recommend using VitaSelect, it is free and great information!

After I received my feedback, I ventured to Walmart to make my selections. I have to tell you, vitamins and I ONLY get along if gummies are involved. Call me a big kid but if I don’t have gummy vitamins I am very slack about taking them. I was thrilled to find both a women’s multi and vitamin B complex (this will help with my metabolism and overall energy level) in gummy form! I have been taking my vitamins religiously and actually take my other supplements too because I have the gummies to keep me on track!

One of the best things about my experience was that the vitamins at Walmart were at a great price! I was able to purchase a month’s supply of both of my vitamins for under $15.00! If you know anything about vitamins, you are aware that they can get pricey! So the combination of VitaSelect and price point make shopping at Walmart for my vitamin needs a must!  


I love vitamins. I really do think I feel better when I take them:)

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