NailMedic for Natural Nails

One of the latest trends in fashion this year is a return to a natural look. You may have seen my post earlier this year with my natural makeup and now the trend has extended to nails. I absolutely love having my nails done however running around doing household chores and things can wreak havoc on a manicure. For a few months I was rocking with acrylic nails but the upkeep can become cost prohibitive, so I’m more interested in returning to my natural nails. As luck would have it, when I decided to make this transition I was introduced to Nail Medic by Pretty Woman.

Nail Medic is a three phase system to help strengthen nails and give them a healthy natural appearance. Depending on your needs you can choose the product from each phase (there are 5 available in each phase) that works best for you. For phase 1 I was sent buff & shine nail surface smoother, Phase 2 - shea treatment nail & cuticle intensive moisturizer and for Phase 3 - nail blur fine line & ridge filling base coat. These are actually excellent products for my needs because once acrylic is removed, natural nails have a tendency to be weak and easily broken.

I plan on using Nail Medic for the next month to see how it helps strengthen my natural nails. I am excited about the products because they each are reasonably priced at $7.99 and available exclusively at Walmart. I now have an affordable option to strengthen my nails as I repair the damage from using acrylics.


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