2015 Beauty Trend Minimalist Makeup at a minimal price

I wear makeup on a daily basis. On some days I wear more than others but you can pretty much rely on me at minimum wearing foundation and mascara. Recently I’ve been living between Atlanta and New York and I’ve noticed something different about the cosmetics habits that I’ve adopted in the two cities. In Atlanta I generally wear full makeup including eyeshadows which I blend to the Gawds! LOL. I’ve received more compliments than I can remember about my blending skills. In New York however I am much more comfortable wearing makeup that is not screaming MADE UP but is more minimalist and truly highlights my natural beauty. And that is why I am so excited that in 2015 one of the hottest beauty trends is minimalist makeup!

This year I really have been keeping it minimal in both cities and am quite happy with the results. Today I want to share how I keep it natural looking but still wear makeup. I love letting my natural beauty shine through (and please don’t think I’m vain, I believe all women are naturally beautiful) while covering up a few of my skin imperfections. I’ve noted before that I suffer from adult acne and because of hyperpigmentation I wear foundation daily. It is something that I am self-conscious about and I know that we are all our worst critics but I do what works for me!

Please check out my video highlighting how I’ve achieved my minimalist look and let me know if minimalist makeup  is a trend that you will be adopting in 2015 too!

Products used:
e.l.f. mineral lip liner in raisin $3.00
e.l.f. eyebrow kit dark $3.00
e.l.f. complete coverage concealer dark $3.00


I love both looks. I will be adopting the minimalist look myself. I usually wear it on a daily basis here in Atlanta. Only if I'm going out do I change and adopt it to a more glam look. I love all the products were so reasonable. I need to check out Walmart.

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