No Sew Christmas Tree Skirt {DIY}

When I return home from the Thanksgiving holidays, the first thing on my list is to put up the Christmas tree. I made sure to have some preparations already in place before I left, the most important, a new tree skirt. When asked to do a Christmas craft by Walmart, I browsed around on Pinterest and saw a very feminine and beautiful tree skirt that I had to try. It is pretty easy to make but I will let you know that it is time consuming. I really am impressed with my final result, it is a no-sew tree skirt with ruffles. Armed with a glue gun I was a ruffle maker extraordinaire!

The items I used were all purchased at Walmart:
6x9 foot canvas drop cloth (generally used as a tarp for painting)

4 yards of muslin ($5.97 per 2 yards)

Glue gun
Burlap ribbon


I started by tracing the shape of an old tree skirt onto the canvas drop cloth. Then I cut it out using my pair of Fiskars scissors. I made sure to cut a slit and a hole in the middle so that it will fit around my Christmas tree.

Next, I cut 2 yards of muslin lengthwise into 2 inch strips. I HIGHLY recommend cutting the strips 3 or more inches otherwise this project will take many days to make (I learned this the hard way).

Using my glue gun I placed a line of glue approximately 2 inches from the bottom of the canvas and using a folding motion, placed the the muslin on the canvas to form ruffles. I repeated this process around the entire bottom of the cloth and started my next row about an inch and a half above the first one. I did this in rows until I was finished with the first two yards of muslin.

I cut the 2nd two yards of muslin in 4 inch strips. This made the process go much faster and I actually like the effect of having smaller ruffles on the bottom and larger ones on top. Of course, you can work this tree skirt to match the aesthetic you are going for. Using this technique pick and choose the material you want to use and go for it. Since I am not sure of my tree colors yet, a neutral works well for me and I will be able to use it in subsequent years.

I cannot wait to have my tree and place this skirt under it. I’m counting down the days and will be sure to share my final results with you. I love the holidays!


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