DIY No Sew blanket made using Fiskars scissors

I don’t know about you but one of the things that has always been in the “everything drawer” in my home is a pair of orange handled Fiskars scissors. You know the ones, the orange handled scissors that come in handy for cutting things ranging from paper crafts to fabric for sewing. My mom had a pair of these scissors and as an adult, I’ve had several pair myself. They are my go to scissors! I use them from everything. I recently learned that Fiskars turned 365 years old this year. That is pretty amazing that a brand has been around so long and continues to go strong.

It is really awe inspiring to learn that Fiskars is older than the United States, Canada and the Taj Mahal. Fiskars has a very interesting history. They are named for Fiskars Village in Finland where they were founded. The scissors were created by chance when extra plastic from orange juicer production was utilized to make the scissors and the orange color won out by a vote of two! And now, these scissors have become a staple in many households for the last 365 years.

I remember these scissors from my grandmother’s house, my childhood home and they are now found in my home. We’ve used them for generations in my family, they come in many different colors now and my son even has several pair! 

They are so practical and have numerous uses from cutting denim, to silk and multple layers of fabric. My son and I use his for crafts. To highlight these scissors, I decided to make a no-sew fabric using material from Walmart. It is very easy to make and Fiskars cut like a champ!

To start you choose two pieces of fabric that you like. I picked fleece material in two complementary patterns to make a throw for my son. You can determine the size you would like, I decided on a 3ft by 5ft for the throw. I laid them on top of each other (you can use pins if needed) and began by cutting three inch strips all the way around. 

I found that the bent handled design of the scissors kept my material together while I cut so this is virtually mistake free. I tied the strips together with a very simple knot and repeated to create a fringe on the blanket.

I really like the final result.  My son has a comfy new throw and it didn’t require any sewing - which is required for me because I can only do very basic stitches and don’t own a sewing machine! I rely on my Fiskars scissors time and time again for projects like this and numerous others. I have never been disappointed!


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