Healthy Lunch Ideas {video}

Neat-Oh The Picnic lunch box and Lunch blox

My son has always been a picky eater. There are times when he is willing to expand his palate just a teeny little bit and I am joyous. Most times it doesn’t last too long. Something he liked last week can be on his “I don’t eat it list” today. It used to really bother me but after speaking to his pediatrician many years ago and being told he would eat when he was hungry. Well, I simply provide him with the food I know he will eat (unless he changes his mind) and hope for the best.
For me this means very rarely can I do cute sandwiches - he doesn’t eat sandwiches of any kind! No pb & j, no tuna, NO SANDWICHES! So it is important for me to be creative, sometimes slip something new into his lunch and hope for the best.

On my last visit to Walmart headquarters I was introduced to a ton of fun lunch box ideas. Sadly, I will have to do those with someone else’s kid because my son just ain’t having it! However, I am ecstatic about the actual lunch  boxes. My son has been excited about using his Neat-Oh The Picnic Lunch Box and Placemat He absolutely loves it and so do I. The lunch box provides all the room needed for his lunch but also opens out so that he can have a place to eat his lunch. I think it is a brilliant idea!

Next up is the Rubbermaid Lunch Blox ($7.97). This is a great compact lunch kit. It comes with an ice block that you can freeze nightly to keep your child’s lunch chilled during the day. It also has compartments that you can fill with the various foods your child enjoys. It basically is a Bento box and I know creative parents will have a field day using it. My favorite aspect of lunch blox is that each compartment snaps in to the ice block and the largest compartment has removable sections in the event you want to use the entire thing to hold a sandwich. I have to note of course that this is reusable so no waste like when using disposable sandwich or snack bags.  Speaking of resusable, you should check out the Lunchkins resuable lunch bags. All summer we used these for my son’s lunch.  Here is a video I made showing how I fill the Lunch blox with healthy foods my son will eat.

Although I do allow my son treats, I keep his meals healthy most of the time. He loves chicken nuggets and the Simply Smart chicken tenders from Purdue are my choice from him. They are free of the additives that concern me with other frozen strips.

I think this is a great alternative to me actually cooking chicken strips for him. I also like the Great Value Protein bars ($2.50) He has snack time at school and I like this option because he gets a boost of protein and hopefully a zing for his brain power! I give him Mott’s fruit snacks for dessert and as a side he has baby carrots. I usually include a fresh fruit and strawberries are one of his favorites. I rotate his fruit on a daily basis and sometimes substitute it with fruit and veggie mix that I know he likes.

Lunch time preparation could be stressful but in my household we keep things pretty simple. As my son matures I’m sure there will be additions to this particular meal but in the meantime I indulge his wishes!


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