Bento Box Back to School Lunch

I have been intrigued by Bento boxes for as long as I can remember. When my son was an infant I practically stalked a Bento box blog daily to look at the beautiful creations. The thought that I could actually make one never occurred to me because it looked complicated and I simply did not think I could do it. Which meant that my son pretty much has taken the same lunch to school on a daily basis for the past two years. As the new school year approaches, I decided it was time to try my hand a making a bento box. The task was made a bit easier by Walmart because they provided me with a lunch box that is perfectly sectioned for Bento.

With the lunch box in hand, I was inspired to make my own Bento box. I actually found it to be quite easy and not as complicated as I thought. I started with the idea of using a sandwich cutter and found one that was dinosaur shaped, perfect for my six year old because he loves dinos. I found spinach and herb flatbread and filled it with turkey bacon. 

After slicing the sandwich, I added a candy eye from Wilton found in the bakery aisle.

I laid the sandwich on carrots because my son loves them and I liked the contrasting colors. In the next section of the Bento box I added pre-packed sliced apples and celery.

This is a time saver, particularly if you are preparing lunch in the morning before school drop off and am running late - as I frequently am!

The lunch box comes with a reusable coolant which I love because it is a space saver and also serves as a divider. 

in the compartment below I placed a juice box and an angry birds fruit snack.

I don’t always give my son juice and on days that I don’t I’ll be sure to place a bottle of water in there.
Overall, I am extremely happy with my first attempt at Bento 

check out my video to see it in closer detail.


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