Duck Tape School Supplies {DIY}

There are some who say Duck Tape can be used for everything! I know people who use it for repairs and I’ve used it for things ranging from decorating a pumpkin, homemade maracas and making my son a folder for his school papers. Annually Duck Tape holds a contest for people making prom dresses/formal gowns with this material! Folks are really creative and with the multiple designs available the sky really is the limit.

In the past I’ve done a tutorial showing how to make a folder decorated with Duck Tape for the school year. I had to make another this year for my son and you can check out my post about how to make it. This year I also wanted to add a little something special with Duck Tape and so I made a pencil holder for my son. I must admit that I liked it so much I ended up making my own and plan on using it in my purse to hold my essential makeup supplies! So you may be wondering how to make this multi-use pouch. No worries, it is simple!

You start with your favorite design of DuckTape, in this instance I used flames. My son loves Hot Wheels and this design is reminiscent of the brand. I also needed a ziplock bag, I used a quart sized Hefty ziplock bag. This way my son (or I) can fill the pouch without worry that it will open. And the Duck Tape reinforces it so sharp pencils or pens don’t damage the pouch.

I take the tape and use it horizontally on the bag. I try to use one long continuous piece of tape for each row and eyeball it. If you want to be more precise, you can measure the bag and cut the Duck Tape, taping front and back until the pouch is completed.
And that is it! Making a pencil case/pouch is easy and fun. This is a craft that your child can make and depending on age, can do it completely without supervision. Best of all? The mess is minimal! I really like this craft because it provides your child with a one of a kind pencil case handmade by you!


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