Kids Summer Craft - DIY Maracas

Here in Atlanta school is out and summer vacation has begun. Since my son and I have already taken a trip to Disney World and have no further plans to travel together this summer, I am on the lookout for fun activities that we can do during summer break. I was perusing the list 100 summer activities pinterest board created by my friend and fellow Walmart mom, Amy and found a craft I knew he’d enjoy - DIY maracas.

Maracas are the perfect craft for kids because it combines music, fun and creativity. And the materials needed were found in my house with the exception of the duck tape! In the original directions, white craft tape was used but I allowed my son to choose Spider Man duct tape in addition to white tape because he loves the super hero. We did the craft together and after the first maraca was completed my son could hardly wait to make more.  

The first two maracas he made featured Spider Man and the final one included his own creative drawings including a flower and a boomerang which he created for me. Once they were finished my son took off dancing around and shaking the maracas like there was no tomorrow! The maracas have been all of the house and he has had a good time using them. For his next play date he has asked that we make maracas with his friends.

For me, one of the best aspects of craft is that we were able to upcycle old plastic Easter eggs. I have had them sitting in my closet for years and although I used some of them this past Easter, I still have quite a few left. Maracas are the perfect way for me to utilize the eggs that otherwise are taking up space in my closet!

I am sure your child will have as much as mine with this craft. If you complete it please let me know how it turns out!

DIY Maracas

You will need:
Plastic Easter Eggs
Rice, beans or any other item that makes noise to fill the eggs
White tape and/or designed tape - I used Duck Tape available at Walmart in a myriad of colors
Plastic Spoons
Crayons, markers or paints for decorating

1. Fill the bottom of an egg with rice and cover with top.

2. Tape the spoons around the egg

3. Decorate egg (if using white tape) or use immediately if using Designer Duck tape


Simple, fun and a party in no time at all! If I had to buy all of the items at Walmart this craft would have cost me less than $10.00 in total. I had all of the items (from Walmart) with the exception of the tape in my home so it was really a great deal!


YUMMommy said…
What a super easy and fun craft! Thanks for sharing.

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