Holiday Table Settings {video}

Undeniably the holidays are upon us, Thanksgiving is over, we are in the midst of Chanukah and Christmas is in 26 days! I’ve been inspired this year to create holiday table settings by the talented Max who have given me ideas on both of my trips to visit Walmart headquarters to make beautiful holiday table settings with products from Walmart. You may remember earlier this year I came up with a Fourth of July setting and this time around I developed one that is appropriate for all of the winter holidays including New Year’s Eve. I once again utilized my white Better Homes and Gardens Soft Square Porcelain dinnerware set as the foundation and built my settings around them.

With a budget of $15.00 I am very happy with how my settings turned out. I started by choosing a color scheme, I like silver and blue because they don’t scream Christmas and can pretty much be used for any of the holidays in December. I purchased a 26 piece collection of silver and blue shatterproof ornaments ($4.98), blue kitchen towels ($6.00) to be used as napkins, and a few ornaments($1.50) to serve as napkin rings. 

As you can see, the towels look really pretty and one would never know the napkin rings are ornaments, each individually chosen for a look that is tied together but not identical.

For the centerpiece I used a plain artificial wreath($2.95) from the garden center and purchased a silver candle holder to complete the look. I had a scented Better Homes and Gardens candle that I placed inside the candle holder and decorated the wreath with the silver and blue ornaments. I spread the extra ornaments around the table for a festive look. I did go a little over my budget of $15.00 but I am extraordinarily happy with the final product and I did it for all under $25.00! Check out my video below!

So there you have it, a very pretty table at a practical price! I think it is beautiful and when my son arrived home from school after I set it up, he was very impressed. And commented on how pretty the table looked! High compliments for a 6 year old but I personally think this table will impress people of all ages! I know I will be taking some of my ideas with me to set the table at my mother’s house this Christmas. It is amazing what can be accomplished on a budget using your imagination!


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