Game Time! Ready for the Giants!

NFL season is in full effect! One of the things that I am anticipating is the Super Bowl being held at Giants stadium, can you say hometown?!!! The best scenario would be for my Giants to play in the Super Bowl at home. But if you have been keeping up with Big Blue you know that they have started off the season from a deficit. Currently the Giants are 0-2 and quite frankly, it they do not win the game on Sunday, well they’d be defying history if they made it to the Super Bowl because no team has ever come back from 0-3 and made it. As a fan, I am disappointed with the way my boys have played. They had opportunities to win in both games but turnovers and messy ball playing just let the wins pass the Giants by.

I am however a tried and true fan and have big plans for Sunday’s game. On Sunday the Giants will being playing the Panthers. I am going to be enjoying the game - yes The GIANTS are going to win - from my couch in the family room. Perhaps it doesn’t sound like much fun to you but I will be in my element surrounded by all things Giants courtesy of Walmart. If you followed me during the football season last year, you know that I was decked out in my Giants tee shirt and my Giants throw. And in my hand, my team pilsner!

This year, I’ve added some very comfy Giants themed sleep pants and I’m still waiting on a new mug that I ordered and should be arriving literally any moment now. So, on Sunday, I’ll be here on my couch in my throw, wearing my sleep pants and tee, cheering on my home team. And yes, I live in Atlanta but I’m always a New Yorker!

I know there are other NFL fans out there and if you have been looking from some game time apparel to rep your team Walmart has everything you need at great prices! Check out online if you are like me and aren’t a fan of your home town team (Falcons gear is readily available in store but I order my Giants gear online). You won’t be disappointed. And if you hear loud shouting Sunday between the hours of 1:00 and 4:00 well, that’s just me rooting on Big BLUE!


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