Back To School Fashion for Less {video}

I have been talking about Back to School fairly often the past couple of weeks and it will continue! Today I want to share with you some fashion tips that I learned during a google hangout with my friend Nicole Feliciano of MomTrends. Last week she gave a group of bloggers the 411 on what is hot in fashions this year for boys and girls, highlighting the clothes at Walmart. If you haven’t seen my post about my Back to School shopping excursion to Walmart, you must check it out. And I am happy to say that after chatting with Nicole, this mom is her boy ready with all the latest trends for the school year. Check out the video below for some tips and pointers that Nicole shared!

I know that many people are not fans of watching a lengthy video so I am going to share some of the great information from Nicole.

For boys, the trends today are plaids, graphic tee shirts - especially with characters from favorite movies and games like Monsters University and Angry Birds. Of course there are more choices available at Walmart but I’m partial because these are my son’s favs! Also, colored skinny jeans for boys. Yes, it takes a confident child to rock this style but with all of the great colored denim available, I had to leave the store with a pair for my son! And the hot colors this year are teal and orange, I added some teal to my son’s wardrobe and love orange too. Guess I’ll be taking another trip to pick up an orange tee for him since the one I wanted was sold out in his size! See, the fashion caught my eye before I even heard Nicole’s tips!

Also, be sure to take advantage of the tax free weekends in your state. Georgia’s was this past weekend but being the type A mom that I am, I finished my shopping a few weeks ago. You have to remember my son has already been in school for a week! If you have a little girl, try shopping in the same color palate so that she can dress herself without worrying about color combinations. And add glitter. Sparkle is always great! I should know, as a lover of glitter myself! Finally leggings can be used to prolong the wear of shorts and skirts as the weather gets colder.

Believe it or not, Walmart clothing has been a staple in my son’s closet for years - even before I was blessed by Walmart with opportunities to shop for him. The clothing is on trend, durable, budget friendly  and looks great. And don’t forget, you have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t like it? BRING IT BACK! If you haven’t already, I highly recommend Walmart for Back to School fashion!


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