Back to School Fashion for Boys at Walmart #ad

Can you believe it is time for Back to School? It seems like this summer just whizzed by and I am preparing to send my school on Sunday. I can recall as a child anticipating going back to school and loving that new clothes shopping was in order. My son is only six and when I mentioned school clothes to him he was less than excited! Now, I can probably attribute this to him being a little boy and enjoying toy cars and books more than clothes at this junction but I am still giddy about shopping for school clothes. Walmart asked me to take a look at their offerings and share my finds for my son with you and here is what I came up with.

If you didn’t know, Walmart carries many branded tee shirts with movie and game characters that my son loves. This year, I focused on picking up a few things that I am sure will make him happy. I started with an Angry Birds short set available for $7.97, my son is a big fan and has played almost every iteration of the game so I know this will bring a smile to his face!

 Next up, I got a Plants vs. Zombies tee shirt for him, at $6.97 it is a great bargain and since we started playing the game together when he was about 3, I know he is going to be tickled by the shirt. Although we don’t play that often anymore, I can hear him talking about zombies on playdates and this shirt will be a hit!

I loved the color on this Slime Mouth Eye shirt and as an added bonus it comes with a toy. There were many different styles of tees available for $8.92 and all came with little toys or music players. This is a nice end of summer surprise for my son.

I was also able to find this on trend, brightly colored shirt set and found coordinating jeans, both by Faded Glory. The shirts can be worn individually and together so it is 3 looks in one. I love it. He may not be as thrilled about it as his other clothes but at $9.97 for the shirts and the jeans, essentially for $20.00, I am able to get 3 different looks!

And finally, I found this really cute Spiderman 3 piece sleepwear set. I plan to let him wear it the night before school begins and as a true Spiderman fan, this will set him up for both a good nights sleep and a great start for the school year.

So for just over $50.00, I was able to purchase several additions to my son’s wardrobe for the start of the new year. Combined with the clothes he currently owns he is ready to be styling for school!


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