Summer water fun!

What do you get when you have a hot summer day, a hose, slip and slide and snow cone maker? A WHOLE LOT OF FUN!!!! This summer in Atlanta is pretty mild compared to prior years, however when the sun starts beaming it is a quick reminder of why it is called HOTlanta! For summer fun I like to find unique ways to get my son outside and exercise all in the name of play before things heat up too much to enjoy it. My son loves water play but the nearest park is a 20 minutes away. I often don’t mind driving but with variable weather and a sunny day quickly turning into an overcast one with thunderstorms, it is easier and more reliable to simply play at home. When my son and I visited Walmart together armed with a giftcard they provided, we saw a ton of sprinklers and even pools. For a moment I was tempted to purchase a small pool but had a quick flashback to my the baby pool experience when he was just one and I left the pool outside all summer. Not an experience I want to repeat!

So, I decided to go old school and purchase a slip and slide. Perfect for a hot summer day and a playdate. My mom and I got in on the fun of course!

We had to do a few adjustments to ensure the sprinkling water on the edges of the slip and slide were actually hitting the slide but once we got things going the boys had a ball! All this fun for only $9.99! But a slip and slide did not end the fun, I saw a snow cone maker and I knew this would be the piece de resistance for a hot summer day.

I initially looked at one that was exclusively for making snow cones and it was really cute but I was doubtful that it would get much use after the dog days of summer were gone. For just an additional $11.00 I purchased a Hamilton Beach ice shaver that looked more sturdy and makes shaved ice for both snow cones and slushies. I did buy some cute snow cone holders for about $3.00 I just love the design!

For the boys I made my own snow cone syrup by using Kool-Aid. I choose a packet of unsweetened Cherry limeade, added 2 cups of sugar and a cup of water and boiled it for a couple of minutes.
I transferred the mixture to a container and placed it in the fridge to cool. For the adults, I made a coconut syrup utilizing one can of coconut milk, frozen coconut flakes and 1/4 cup of agave nectar. The ice shaver worked like a charm and when a thunderstorm suddenly hit, I was ready for the boys with sno-cones in hand.

My mom and I really enjoyed the coconut flavor and quickly realized that it can become an adult beverage by adding coconut rum or pineapple run for a piƱa colada. 

The ice shaver has a mixer built in so adult beverages and fruit flavored drinks can easily be made. The instructions include a few recipes for inspiration and I foresee the ice shaver being used for an adult get together in the near future!

I’m looking forward to enjoying the next couple of weeks of summer with my son playing in the water and eating sno-cones. Our summer vacation is quickly coming to an end and we plan on making the most of it!


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