DIY Kool Aid Lip Gloss

When I was growing up I rarely drank Kool-Aid. Like all children at that time, I was familiar with the “Hey Kool-Aid” commercials and the drink looked appealing but we were something of purists in my household and rarely if ever had it in my house. It’d be a special treat if I visited a friend’s home and had it but I was quite discriminating even in that instance and would only drink Kool-Aid that was enriched with things like orange and lemon slices. Delicious!

Like my mom, I am very discriminating when it comes to what my family drinks. We are fully stocked with water and a few juice boxes (that I give my son occasionally) but that is it. So, when I was challenged by Walmart and Kool-Aid to create something outside of the box with Kool-Aid I was joyous. I might not drink it but there are myriad ways to use Kool-AID and with the low price point it is excellent for DIY projects.

I decided to make Kool-Aid lip gloss. In this version I used Walmart’s equate petroleum jelly but it can also be made with coconut oil (if you decide to do this, melt the oil in a container in hot water. Microwaving isn’t recommended. Alternatively you can slowly heat the oil on a stove top). I melted the petroleum jelly in the microwave, heating in 30 second increments until it was liquefied.

I let it cool for awhile and then added the kool aid. I was hoping for an orange color but instead got a reddish hue which is glossy but on the neutral side. 

Perfect for little girls!

I placed the Kool-Aid lipgloss in containers available in the travel size section at Walmart and let it completely cool. 

That’s it! Easy project and tasty lipgloss completed! Can you think of a unique KOOL Aid creation? If so, you can win 2 VIP tickets to see the Nickelodeon boy band, Big Time Rush at one of the 37 concerts this summer, a Big Time Rush Kool-Aid Tee, and a Meet & Greet including a photo with the band. To enter, simply upload your creation to the Walmart website.


Unknown said…
What proportions do you use? Kool Aid to base? Also, wouldn't it be pretty sour?
Unknown said…
What proportion of KOOL AID to base do you use for this? Also, isn't it pretty sour?
Anonymous said…
Does this taste good?

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