Good Day Atlanta!

Good Day Atlanta! 

Welcome to all the viewers of Good Morning Atlanta who saw my segment today on Moms in Business as I discussed Cutie Booty Cakes. If you are interested in purchasing one of my "Cutie Booty Cakes" click here! I customize so if you don't see the style that you want please let me know and we can work together to make your vision happen!  If you are a budding Momprenuer you will want to join us tomorrow at the Loudermilk Center for the Moms in Business Unite Conference where I will be revealing more tips about having a successful business and you will also hear from a great line up of Momprenuers! 

Although I didn't mention it on my segment, my business Cutie Booty Cakes has been integral in launching my career in social media. I am active here on my blog where I talk about all things health and fitness, social good, health and my travel adventures. I am also active on facebook, twitter, youtube and have chronicled my weight loss journey here. As a result of my presence in social media I've had the opportunity to work with large brands like Walmart, Nestle, Hanes, EA SPORTS active to read more about me check out my bio! 

I hope that you can join us tomorrow at the conference and be sure to come back and visit to hear about the latest going ons in the life of this mompreneur! 


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