My Enell Sports Bra Review - Down and Dirty in 30

Before I get to the Sports Bra (I'm on a constant search for a great Sports bra and I've found several) let me check in with my weight and things. I think my body has reached its happy place as far as weight goes. As long as I can remember my weight hung around the 150 mark and apparently this is right for me. Last week I weighed 149 this week 150. If I'd drank water yesterday like I was supposed to I'm sure I'd weigh 149 today, I really have to get better about that! 

If I lose a couple of pounds I am fine with that, if not that is fine too. At my smallest I weighed 135 and that took some serious (and not so healthy) work. I exercised at least twice a day and barely ate anything. I don't recommend it. Right now I know I need to focus on toning up my body and building muscle. I ran (using this term loosely) four miles yesterday and it was a killer. My left lower back muscle was in pain from the start - highly disappointing because I thought my days of injury were over. This just convinces me that strength training is an integral part of a runner's program. After a couple days of rest I'll start doing cross-training again. 

Another important piece of the running puzzle for me is a GREAT sports bra. I've found a few and heard so much about the Enell that I wanted to see if it lived up to the hype. I received one for review and wore it on my run yesterday. I have to start by saying that that girls DID NOT MOVE. I mean not a jiggle, not a bounce, not even a wiggle. 

The Enell is unlike other sports bras that I own because the material is more reminiscent of a regular super supportive bra. Polyester comes to mind but I know it is made with Spandex and has a wicking treatment called NATUREXX. Although I was a bit skeptical about the bra displaying wicking properties, I actually was quite comfortable wearing it and believe me, I sweat a lot! 

The bra is also designed unlike any other sports bra I own. It is front closing with hook and eye closures. This takes some getting used to because you have to hook from the bottom up and adjust the girls as you close it. Also, the bra fit is tight so it takes some manuevering but the results are worth it. I felt extremely supported and I have to mention again, the girls did not move! 

The sizing of the Enell is different too. You have to measure under the rib cage and around the largest part of your butst to determine size. The sizing ranges from 00-8 which is roughly 32C-50DD but again you MUST measure! I wear a 34DD and my Enell size is 0. When I first put on the bra it felt quite snug but I got used to it almost immediately. When I showed my girlfriend the bra she was amazed because she said I looked like an A cup. That is some serious compression and holding power! 

I am quite pleased with the Enell. It is very supportive and comfortable once you've gotten used to the snug fit. I have the white one and the color is probably my least favorite aspect of the bra. However, it comes in a number of different colors and if I get another one it is likely to be pink one, 10% of the proceeds go to FORCE which helps individuals with breast cancer. 

The price of the Enell is $64 dollars a pretty hefty price tag (and I've rarely seen them on sale) but if you are looking for full coverage, serious support and no bounce it is certainly worth the purchase price! 


You have the absolute BEST attitude. Such an inspiration : ) Thank you!
The Doll said…
I'm glad you are okay with your current weight. That can be one of the hardest things to get used too.

I'm also very excited you found a great sports bra. I'm also on the search for one but I can't afford the hefty price tag all of the good ones come with.
~Mendie~ said…
Yeah for maintaining, I can imagine that is a pretty great feeling. Can't wait to meet you there one day!

I am gonna try to find a place locally to try on a good sportsbra, hope I can find it!
Heather D said…
Great job maintaining!! I'm so proud of you!
I needed that sports bra a year that I've lost weight and stopped breastfeeding, my girls have gone bye bye :(
Christy M. said…
I'm so glad you've found your happy place. You truly look amazing, Renee!

Get back to the cross and strength training for sure. I started boot camp this week, and my personal trainer told me that you don't lose weight with long distance running. It's great for you, but don't get the sudden heart rate boosts that you do with other activities. Totally made sense to me. And you need to cross train your body so you stay away from those injuries. You're getting to close to your race to have to worry about that! Trust me, it's NO fun!

Also, I might have to check out Enell. My girls are not nearly what they used to be, but I do love some snugness when I'm running. My Moving Comfort bras are great, but it never hurts to try something new :)

I am so proud of you!!!!!!
Mommy Mo said…
I have to echo what Christy said or maybe I will say it too- HA!

Since my last injury and returning to running, I am finding that as long as I do strength training at a minimum of one time/week, sometimes 2 if I can fit it in plus my hip exercises/stretching plus the cross training, then I am good to go.

Easier said than done- right?!

I have also found that doing yoga on the days that I am extremely tight helps also. The core is so important in running and I totally took it for granted previously. Same goes for the muscle workouts.

Good luck- you can do it!!!
Anonymous said…
Ohh baby the price I will pay for a good sports bra. I haven't tried that kind, but my girls are big, so I would loooove to have one that actually kept them in place as I jog. Will have to check it out.
Brooke said…
great job on the strength training. i had to cut it during my tri training, i just can't fit it in. but i miss it.

and miss 32A will just have to trust your judgment on the sports bra...i suppose i should be thankful for my ability to buy juniors bras for $1. that's about the only advantage to my bug bites!
Christine.Joyce said…
Yay for the happy place! I think I've found mine but I'm not committed yet! I'm with you though on the toning up and such! How did your cleanse go?? I will dig around your blog to find out!
Anonymous said…
I am always looking for a new sports bra to wear. I love to run and play tennis so I have to have one.
Christie O. said…
i soooo need a good bra!

you're doing so great, girl, and i totally agree with you on the weight training. i think it's been the key to why my knee (with no meniscus or acl) has been holding up this whole time! Very important!
Anonymous said…
Don't you just love it when your body has found it's happy place? Losing weight is about finding something you can maintain, and it sounds like you've done just that! Great job!
Anonymous said…
You are an inspiration!! I too recommend the Enell sport bra. Got mine here if anyone was intersted.
Becca said…
I just got an Enell bra myself. I am a size 1, it's awesome!

Congrats on maintaining. :)
Anonymous said…
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sexy sports bra said…
Great Job on maintaining your figure and I'm glad you’re happy with the results it will give every girl a hard time accepting their weight and you feel good about it. I'm so proud of you, not every girl can do that.

Well, the sports bra looks nice and seems to fit perfectly and support the breast effectively. And look sexy. Thank you for sharing.

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