The one where I talk about underwear

I've been doing a lot of exercising. And of course that requires clothing to workout in but something that I think many people forget about are undergarments. As a woman with a full bust it is so important for me to have support. I've found great bras that support "the girls" and while they are pricey, they are worth it. I cannot afford to have "the girls" flip flopping around while trying to work out. One, it hurts tremendously and two my ladies have already traveled South after 13 months of nursing and weight gain and loss. I don't think they need any help getting to my knees! I will easily (okay, not so easily but I will do it) spend $50-$60 on a bra that I expressly use for working out.

I am committed to my health and the bras are a necessary investment. My latest personal favorite is the Wacoal underwire sports bra. I can honestly say that I believe this is the best sports bra that I have ever owned. It has underwires for support and I find that the girls are truly held in place. I like that it is not a compression bra, we busty girls really don't look great wearing a uni-boob, it is just not flattering.

This Wacoal bra is functional and also provides a very nice shape. I'd actually wear it as a regular bra if I could afford to! As far as sizing goes, I purchased mine in a 32 DDD. I would be more comfortable in a 34 but unfortunately there were none available and I had to jump on this bra because my size is difficult to find. After wearing it several times I don't even notice that it is a bit tight around my torso, this might actually help with the fit!

I purchased one at Macy's for $62.00 but I had a discount so I think I actually spent $48.00. This bra is worth every penny. If you are like me and the girls need great support during high impact activities, run and get one of these beauties!

I am going to purchase another soon because in the past when I've found a sports bra that I like for some reason the manufacturer ends up discontinuing the model. This bra is widely available online, just do a google search for Wacoal Underwire Sports Bra.

ETA: Yes, the bra is inside out and my battery died so I can't take another photo. I guess that means this baby is reversible! LOL


ScrappinMichele said…
I will definitely have to check this one out. I'm getting tired of smooshing my girls. :D
I'm in dire need of new bras for my "girls". Thanks for the recommendation.
Elita said…
When I asked friends for recommendations on great sports bras, everyone said Lululemon. I balked at the price, but they are fantastic and slightly cheaper than these Wacoals. I love the Ta Ta Tamer but they only go up to size DD.
Allison M. said…
Yes! So true! Great sports bras are a must. Something else I've found - great socks are a must too. I find with a good pair of running socks, I don't develop any blisters at all. They are $10 a pair, but worth every penny.
Emma's Mom said…
Haha. See, I didn't even realize it was inside out until you said that. Thought it was just made that way as part of the support factor. Sounds like a great find, because yes, that uni-boob look is not a great one, and it too, will leave the girls in pain once freed.
It's a good idea, but I don't have any extra money. I'm at the walking stage so I don't think it matters as much.
ROFLMAO on the reversibility! Thanks for the review on this - my girls are always looking for good support!
Anonymous said…
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Deborah said…
Thanks for the review! I am the same size, and bouncing is the reason I dislike exercise... I'll have to try this bra out! (Visiting from SITS and your comment on my blog! I love Gerbera's too!

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