Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wednesday Check-In Down 49 pounds and counting.....

I am now down another pound bringing my grand total to 49 lbs - gone! I have no idea how it happened given my transgressions that I confessed to yesterday, you’d think I’d be up a pound. But no matter. I am one pound away! One pound away from 50 pounds down. I admit I haven’t been trying exceptionally hard to lose these last few pounds. I’ve really been in more of a maintenance mode lately but I have a feeling that once I can seriously start training for the half-marathon more pounds are going to come off.

I also have plans to start the Clean 21 day detox program. My friend Maricris suggested I try it because I’ve been having the hip problems and I figure it can’t hurt. I’ve actually done a one week version of the Clean diet in the past so I am interested in seeing what happens when I do it for a longer period of time.

Basically, on the program two of your meals are shakes and the other is from the elimination diet. The elimination diet removes all beef, pork, soy, diary, wheat, and gluten from you diet (among other things). I am actually going to be reviewing the 21 day detox that is available on the Clean website so all of the shakes and supplements are taken care of, I just need to add my lunch time meal. The kit arrives today but I am not starting until after BlogHer and my family reunion next week.

I’m not crazy! The thought of eliminating desert and alcohol when I am on vacation makes me shudder. I refuse to set myself up for failure so I’m starting Clean the second week of August. Stay tuned for the results, I really believe that this might be exactly what the doctor ordered! 

The Sisterhood is also starting a 30 day challenge on Sunday, I’ve been a bit worried about doing the Shred while I am away but I know that when I go out of town I exercise so even if I don’t shred I will be moving my body -can’t let my teammates (or myself) down. 

One last note about my training for the Half-Marathon, like a klutz I re-injured my hip on Saturday putting my son on a mechanical bull at the picnic on Saturday. After a great week of running I have taken a step backwards but I am determined to complete my race - even if I have to walk the entire way (please don’t let this be the case, I can’t imagine walking 13.1 miles)!

Since I can’t train the way I want to I am focusing on fundraising, I am $60 shy of my halfway point. If you haven’t donated I’d LOVE it if you could help me reach $2000 today(remember no amount is too small - or too large)! And if you’ve already donated, I thank you kindly!


Brooke said...

congrats on all your hard work. 49 pounds is incredible!

i walked 26.2 miles (8+ hours) and it was very boring, but totally doable. if you have to walk the whole thing just be sure you have your cell phone (nothing like chatting to pass the time) and some music!

Karena said...

Wow, you're getting close to your goal. Fantastic job, Renee! Baby your hip and hopefully you'll be flying again soon!

Michelle said...

You are looking awesome, Renee! What an inspiration you are!

Naomi said...

Wow, congratulations! That is an impressive benchmark, for sure. I am looking forward to seeing you at BlogHer next week.

I am so curious about the Clean detox, I would love to try a program like that. I've only done one or two day detoxes but a more lengthy program would probably be a great way to regiment myself.

Jamie said...

Congrats on another pound gone! Another one bites the dust.... Hooray!!

Bari said...

49 pounds is phenomenal, Renee! So proud of you :) What you said about the scale sometimes surprising you is so true. I've had some of my best weightloss weeks after of week of eating all kinds of junk. You just never know. Have a great time at your conference. You should definitely do some vlogging next week :)

Kirsten said...

I'm in awe of the cleanse diets. I don't think I could do one. Kudos on the loss this week.

Lisa said...

You are awesome, Renee, and I love you. The one more pound lost will be here before you know it!

Christy M. said...

Renee! That's so awesome! I'm so proud of you for getting within 1 pound of your goal weight! WOOT!!!

I hope you have an amazing time at Blogher, and oh how I wish I were going. I'll be there in spirit with you, so have a drink for me, okay!

Can't wait to here about it when you get back!!


Petula said...

Good idea to wait to start the cleanse. I hope the hip gets 100 percent soon. Take care and enjoy the conference and reunion.

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