Tuesday Confessions

I lost my post so this is my second attempt at confession perhaps that is a sign.  Here we go

  • I ate three pints of coconut icecream. Yup, I sure did and enjoyed every minute of it. That stuff is so good, stay away, stay far far away!
  • I visited McDonald's TWICE this week. I haven't been there since last year some time. I had a filet o'fish, fries and sweet tea. The good news is I could not drink the sweet tea, I'm so glad my tastebuds have changed. And today I only had a large fries. The end of Mickey D's.
  • I haven't been doing the exercises my physical therapist gave me consistently actually I am contemplating taking things into my own hands, joining a gym and doing strength training with weights. Because really? That is all the physical therapy entails. I can do leg lifts at home with Jillian Michaels and save my co-pay for a gym membership!
  • I blame all of my transgressions on my period. That is my story and I am sticking to it!

I believe that is enough of confessing for one week. I can't think of anything else and seriously? I can't imagine having more to confess. I've been a slacker! Again, I blame it on the period. 

Can you relate? Wanna make me happy? How about contributing to my fundraising? That is one thing that I have been on the ball about and I am almost half-way there! Just $85 away from $2000! 


Sheliza said…
I have had the same kind of week and I too blame it on Mother Nature!
Wifey said…
Congrats on being half-way to your goal! And, blame the period, girl, it's one of its many privileges!

Winks & Smiles,
Tami Q. said…
Oh, how aggravating it is to type out a blog post (or reply) and then lose it!

To think, you had a chance to keep your confessions to yourself and you still shared! :)

Which Jillian Michaels workouts do you have?

Yep, blame the period. It deserves every bit of the blame! :)
Deb said…
Oh dang! I wish I had thought to blame my transgression on Mother Nature. hmmmm. maybe next week :)

Coconut icecream? Never heard of it. lalalalalala
Kim said…
blame it away, I would have had I thought of it :)

never heard of that ice cream but it does sound yummy!!

Down w/McDs!!
Miz said…
hell to the YES we can blame it on the period.
my sluggishness?
Im blaming on the rain...
Petula said…
Yea stick to the period story! :-) I have that same story quite often. LOL... Today my story of snacking on tortilla chips is because I'm so sleepy that I need some fuel. :-)

Good luck with the physical therapy, whichever way you choose to do it.

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