Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Operation Healthy Living Summer Shrink- Weight In

I have to admit that I was a little afraid to step on the scale this morning after all of my splurging last week. Apparently I had nothing to fear because I weighed in at 155 again so I've maintained my weight this week. I've learned a lesson, no more crunchy salty snacks in the house - I can't control myself! And coconut ice cream is for special occasions only!

Since I'm still recovering from my hip strain I've pretty much been on the couch. Yesterday I finally decided to get up and do Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown and I felt great! As a matter of fact, I got up this morning and did it again. I think I am going to incorporate yoga into my routine on a regular basis, it will keep my body flexible, burn fat and hopefully keep me from injuring myself again.

I am still excited about my half-marathon training, I watched a Team in training video by a woman that did the San Diego marathon. I was so inspired! Now I just need to get my fundraising done, the training I am sure I can do! If you'd like to help me in my effort to raise $4000.00 please click HERE every dollar helps!

That is it for this week, hopefully next week I will be up and running again!


LaughingLady said...

Maintaining under those conditions is great! (and quite a relief, too, I bet!! It certainly is for me.) Hope your hip is ready for action soon and you can get back to training!

Christy M. said...

Great job maintaining, Renee!! I'm proud of you :) Team in Training will inspire you around every corner and when you least expect it. I'm afraid I'm suffering from the post TNT 1/2 marathon blues right now!

You will get your fundraising done, don't worry. There will be times when you feel it looming over you, but don't give up. Be relentless! Send out those emails, and send them out again and again. When I resent the emails, I would put in a little update on where I was with my training just to add something new to the email.

Also, if you haven't already, start thinking about creative ways to raise money outside of emails and letters! If you need any help or have any questions, let me know. I'm always here for you girl!


Stillmary said...

You are such an inspiration! One of my big fears is that I will work hard to get to the 150s and then gain it all back much faster and easier than I lost it. I've done it before; but reading your blog teaches me how it doesn't have to be that way. Maybe I can maintain (once I get there) just by staying on top of it. You make me a believer!

~Mendie~ said...

yippee for maintaining! i haven't seen that JM video yet, might have to check it out, stretching can only help us stay healthy!

Sarah said...

Team in training is the way to train for a race for sure! Good luck!!

Melissa said...

Congratulations on the maintain! I have some foods that I've realized I simply can't keep in the house either. (That's right peanut butter, I'm talkin' to you!)

Good luck with your half marathon training! I couldn't agree more with Christy about how inspired I was participating in the Team in Training program with Team Shrinking Jeans. Definitely be creative with your fundraising. Send out those emails/letters to everyone you can think of and then some. I was often surprised by some of the people who sent me the most generous donations.

Melissa (@MelGetsFit)

xristinejoyce said...

You and I are on the same page!! I too didn't have a change due to splurging! AND I too am trying to get back into yoga! OMG moment over. Good luck on the half-marathon!!

Deb said...

Congrats on the maintain. That's hard to do with an injury! Rock the yoga girl!

Tiffany said...

Great job! Good for you for doing yoga... I love yoga! It is so great for muscle strength and will be so glad you incorporated it into your routine!

foodieontheedge said...

Good job on maintaining! Injuries are no fun and as long as you aren't gaining you are doing great!

imadramamama said...

Renee, That's awesome! I'm proud of you for maintaining after splurging AND finding an activity that works for you! Great job!

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