Tuesday True Confessions!

Although I don't usually participate in True Confessions with the Sisterhood- I just had to get this off of my chest! Remember yesterday when I posted about the yummy delicious goodness of Coconut Milk ice cream? Well, I confess. This week I've eaten two pints, mostly by myself. My son had a few spoonfuls but basically, I've been a greedy, greedy girl. And I've added almost 14oo calories to my usual weekly intake. Sadly, my confession is - if I could, I'd do it again! It was so worth it! And that is why my sweet indulgence costs over $5.00 I can't possible justify purchasing it frequently!

And, I ate two bags of Garden of Eatin' tortilla chips - quacamole and hot and spicy flavors. Delicious! Now I know I have to stick to regular corn tortilla chips or I will over indulge. Lesson learned.

Finally, I haven't exercised, I'm still resting my hip. Tonight I'm going to practice yoga, pinky swear! And I am not looking forward to tomorrow's weigh-in!


Miz said…
**whispers** Its today.

time to get yer OM on.
Hope for your speedy recovery. Confession is always good.
~Mendie~ said…
my husband adores coconut anything.

dust it off and get right back on track...you are in control!

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