Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Operation Weight Loss- The Incredible Shrinking Woman Week 22

I haven't lost any weight. However, I am still shrinking. My body seems to have hit a plateau but I am okay with that. I have added walk/running to my exercise regiment and I know that my body will change as a result of this new activity. My focus is no longer on losing pounds but about changing my body. I still need to tighten up so building up muscle is what I am looking forward to now.

Last week to help with my running I purchased a jogging stroller. It is infinitely more diffficult to run with the stroller but I figure I am doing a combo strength and cardio workout when I am pushing my son. May 6-8 is run a mile day and I am joining the Sisterhood and running a full mile, I am determined to do it and perhaps you will join the challenge too. Even if you can't run, do a walk or a combo just get out there and do it!

My exercising has been consistent, sometimes I fall off the food wagon a bit but overall I am happy about my progress so far. I look forward to seeing where my journey to healthy living will take me!

I run with the Sisterhood


Brooke said...

what i've learned this past year - the scale means nothing once you reach a certain point. changing the way your body looks is the ultimate goal. great job in your continued success!

~Mendie~ said...

You are doing amazing, congrats on getting a jogging both will enjoy that!

Kim said...

Great job on the purchase to help in stead of using the lack of it as an excuse!!! kudos!!! keep it up!

april said...

You are a rock star. Plain and simple.

Tobin said...

If you want to lose real weight and feel the burn with that jogging stroller, there is a solution out there to enhance your jogging stroller workout.

The product is called Healthy Handles, and they have a great reputation in CA. Their facebook page shows a discount code "friend" that saves you $10. Watch the 2 videos, and read the reviews at They guarantee 100% satisfaction, and they even refund shipping costs if you are not totally in love with them. Your posture will be perfect and you will burn more calories pushing the stroller comfortably than modifying your body mechanics to accommodate the stroller.

Mom of 3 boys said...

You have come so far since you started and it is great that you are switching things up to get to where you want to be.

imadramamama said...

Maintaining is never bad...that's your ultimate goal!

I'm with you on the weight thing. I'm where I need to be as far as the number on the scale, but I would really like to firm up a little.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

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F. Belt said...

I think your picture looks great! You're a beautiful woman and congrats on your weight loss. I am struggling with weight loss myself. I have wii fit but would love to try the EA Active!!! My goal is to lose 10 lbs by Christmas. but I think 5 would be more realistic. I've been watching more what I eat, trying to eat healthier snacks, and trying to walk more at work. We sit for 12 hours a day and I gained about 20 pounds this year alone. YIKES!!! I have a banquet at the end of January and would like to be a size 14 by then (I'm about a 16/18 right now.) I didn't pig out on Thanksgiving and hope to do the same at Christmas. I'll be following your journey and hope to be as successful as you! Good luck!

W: Eight said...

 If you change something in your lifestyle, you’re probably going to see results – but there’s a law of diminishing returns at play. You can exercise for an extra hour a day for a week and still lose the same amount as you had when you were only exercising half as much. Give your body time to adjust – don’t push yourself too hard or you’re just going to spend your energy on something that’s not necessarily going to give you immediate and direct benefit. This, of course, only applies to those of you wanting to lose fat – not for those who are training for a triathlon.

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