Work that pole!

There is a type of exercise to suit everybody. The key is to find something (or many somethings) that work for you. With the numerous options out there like circuit training, step aerobics, spinning, dancing, water aerobics, power yoga, boxing, there IS an exercise that you will enjoy. I like to mix up my exercises because I need variety to keep me going and this week I decided to try a new class, Cardio Pole Pump. I have taken a pole dancing class in the past, I've gone with a group of girlfriends to have an evening of fun and bring out that inner seductress. Of course the class was teaching the basics with sexy moves thrown in for good measure. One thing that was very clear for me after taking a pole class is that it is very difficult and if you can become good at it, your body will love you.

I must admit that I was intimidated by the pole. It was "cute" to be there with friends and an experience but I never took subsequent classes for fear of complete and total arm failure do to the lack of upper arm strength, I was afraid that rather than spinning around the pole with ease, I'd end up busting my butt on the floor! Since I've started my journey to healthy living, I've become much more adventurous and when a groupon(you must join, great discounts on all types of things in your city) for Dance 411 specifically for "women's speciality classes" was advertised, I immediately jumped on it.

That was in January. Maybe I was still a bit apprehensive, I don't know, but yesterday I was finally able to take a class. And I have to tell you, although I was still hesitant about swinging around the pole, it was one of the best core workouts that I have ever done! The Cardio Pole Pump class focuses not so much on bringing out the "sexy" but on utilizing pole dancing to help get you fit. In our class we did calisthenics, running, squat holds, before we ever did anything on the pole. The pole work that we did included the basics - a pole walk (circling the pole in preparation for mounting it), a pole climb (jumping high on the pole and seductively sliding down), knees up (gripping the pole and pulling knees to chest), Bam( knees up combined with a "peek-a-boo" of legs spread eagle) and the classic fireman spin (walking around the pole and using one leg for momentum and spinning down the pole).

It wasn't easy! But Brianna, the instructor made it look like the easiest thing in the world!

Once my apprehension about jumping on the pole waned, I found that I could actually do the moves. Not on an expert level of course but enough to get in a workout that made me sweat up a storm. After our intro to basics, we ended the class with about 10 minutes of straight core work on the floor including side planks, plank holds, and a killer "ABC" exercise where you use your legs to trace the letters of the alphabet in the air.

Although I don't foresee installing a pole in my home anytime soon, I do know that I will return for at least 3 more classes of Cardio Pole Pump. I think the more comfortable I am with the pole the better my experience will be. I clearly am open to new things and this class did not disappoint. I'll save the "sexier" versions of pole dancing for a fun and entertaining girl's night out but when I want a great aerobics workout, Cardio Pole Pump is the class for me!


Tammy said…
That's something I have wanted to do, but it isn't offered around here. Sounds like fun and great exercise.
Beadwright said…
How fun is this??? I have always wanted to do pole dancing as well. You look fab kiddo!!!!
I am three pounds under my goal weight. Hurrraaayyyyyy
Whoa!!! Isn't Stupak AMAZING???
Darcel said…
Work it girl! I wouldn't mind trying that.
Petula said…
I've always wanted to try pole dancing/exercising. Sounds like you had a great time.
ScrappinMichele said…
AWESOME! I have seen a lot of advertisements locally for the pole dancing exercise, but I haven't been brave enough to try it yet.

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