Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Word to the wise

Yesterday I ended up in an all day meeting. It was a last minute thing and truthfully I had no idea how long it was going to last. I rushed out of the house to make it to the meeting on time but I did not grab anything to eat before I left.

Well, there was nothing in the vicinity to eat (unless you paid with cash, which I did not have, do people still carry cash?) and therefore I had nothing to eat all day. Oh, wait, I did have two pieces of gum and 5 mints but clearly that did not satiate my hunger!

Needless to say when I arrived home at 4 PM I was ravenous. At first I was cool and able to eat a pasta salad, yogurt and strawberries. However, that did not make up for all of my missed meals and snacks and I became hungrier and hungrier.

Throwing all good sense aside I ate everything in sight, including raspberry sorbet, a fiber bar, a dark chocolate bar with almonds, and a veggie burger on a sandwich round. Despite knowing what I should eat, because of my hunger I ate whatever was readily available without giving thought to nutrition, balance or anything.

I implore you - learn from my mistakes! I don't care how late you are running, grab a piece of fruit or something to hold you over. It is so easy to fall into old habits when your stomach growling is your guide.

And that, is my word to the wise!

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Losing in the City said...

i completely agree with you..i feel like once i learned the importance of not skipping meals and keeping snacks on hand, it really helped me to lose weight...

DiPaola Momma said...

Always try to keep a fiber bar in my bag. You just never know. But don't beat yourself up too much beautiful you are doing an amazing job!

elizabeth said...

I am only just now learning the importance of this. Little healthy bits several times a day are far healthier than the big, heavy meals I was eating. Thanks for the reminder.

-K said...

Sound advice. I always bring some ludicrous with me to meetings. You know, but out a bowl of cheerios with chocolate milk.

Pammy pam said...

oh thank GOODNESS youre normal!!!

Kelly Deneen said...

First of all, those are not terrible choices. hehe.

But yeah, I keep stuff on hand at work in a food drawer for emergencies like that. Plus, I get really cranky when I don't get to eat. ;)

Becca said...

OMG it's so true. Once you don't eat like that, sometimes it's like you just can't get full! Sometimes I carry around 100 calorie packs or nutrition bars in my purse.

Petula said...

That has happened to me as well. I try to remember to grab bottles of water, a granola bar and some fruit. It's a frustrating feeling to be so hungry at the end of the day. Good advice.

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