My friend Kristina (@momontherise) is so serious about Mamavation that she and I are teaming up to to offer this amazing opportunity for her supporters. If she receives the most votes and becomes a Mamavation Mom, one of you can win a EA Active for Wii, EA More Active for Wii, a HP Printer, AND Wii Fit Giveaway! That's right; FOUR (4) PRIZES ONE WINNER!

How to enter:

Two Moms will be cho­sen based on who gets the most num­ber of votes.Vote for her start­ing today and con­tin­u­ing until April 12th. You can vote every day. Also encour­age every one you know with access to the inter­net to vote for her as well.
Click HERE and vote for @momontherise. The Vot­ing box is on the side­bar under­neath the Really Big Ad. You can vote DAILY !
Come back here and add your name to the Simple Linked Form below EVERY TIME YOU VOTE AND EVERY TIME some one you told to vote does as well.
How Will we Choose a Winner:

If Kristina becomes a Mamavation Mom, someone will win here. All names will be entered into the pool and I will use to choose a winner. It's that simple!


I voted for her today! She is the one I tweeted for during the application process! Go @momontherise!
Anonymous said…
Thank you so much for your support!
Kelly Deneen said…
I voted. So cool!!
Anonymous said…
I voted and am praying for you, Kristina. Your video was so honest and sincere- very inspiring. I wish you the best. Renee, please keep reminding us. I depend on your posts to remind me to vote every day. Congrats to you, too, Renee. You look great in those Joe jeans. You go, girls! ~Tracye
Gena said…
You are a wonderful friend for Kristina. I proudly vote for her. Wish I had paid attention sooner to the contest but I'll try to make it up to her.

And congrats on your progress! Lookin' good, girl!
NaturalThinker said…
I voted for her yesterday and today and posted my link after each vote. However, I'm not seeing the link added after I put in my info on this page. I'm Eboni @Naturally Un-uniform.

I really hope you win Kristina!
yadgirl said…
I voted for momontherise.

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