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Remember a few weeks ago when I had the fabulous opportunity to visit the set of Mom's Homeroom? The highlight of my trip was chatting with each of the fabulous Mom experts on an individual basis. Each week I will be sharing with you information about each Mom and a little insight into the latest episode. Today I will focus on the conversation I had with Claire. She is a mother of two, a member of the American Society for Nutrition, and a board-certified obstetrician and gynecologist, who runs a practice concentrated on preventative and wellness medicine. Claire is familiar with the constant struggle to balance career and family, and she hopes to share her experiences so others can find balance in their life.

Claire is vivacious and friendly. Her smile is infectious and she is so easy going I felt like I was speaking with one of my long time girlfriends. During our conversation we talked about a myriad of things including her thoughts about the Diva Cup (yes, I went there but I thought it was appropriate given she is an OB/GYN). She was fascinated that such a thing existed and provided me with information about our menstrual cycles that was very enlightening (did you know that some of the menstrual blood goes back up into your uterus?). Clearly, we were comfortable together, the picture below tells the story.

Our "interview" began with a discussion about nutrition and children. Claire highlighted the importance of breakfast because it truly is the most important meal of the day. Children that do not have breakfast on a daily basis frequently lack focus and energy, which often has a negative impact on their performance. Good nutrition partnered with exercise helps keep kids healthy. Unfortunately many schools have eliminated physical education from the curriculum. Partner the sedentary lifestyle of video games and long hours of television watching, children are on the road to obesity. Claire suggested that parents not only encourage children to get outside and moving but to participate in physical activity with their children. Bike riding, rollerskating, swimming and even games of tag are exercises that can be easily incorporated into our daily schedules to promote an active lifestyle.

Personally, I have been concerned about my son's proclivity to be a picky eater. Claire advised me that young children may need to be introduced to foods several times before they eat it and/or determine if it is something they enjoy. Although I keep this in mind when Mekhi was a baby, hearing it repeated alleviated my fears about his eating habits. Claire also noted that children are like mini-adults, provide them with balanced meals and on some days they may eat everything and on others not so much. As long as they are getting all of their nutritional needs met over the course of the week there is little cause to be concerned. This was truly music to my ears.

Finally, we discussed the topic of this week's episode of Mom's Homeroom - Back To School. After a long summer, returning to the routine of early mornings and a school schedule can be challenging for both children and parents. Claire starts preparing her children two weeks in advance for early rising and suggests all parents do the same. She sends her kids to bed earlier and wakes them earlier on a gradual basis during the two week period prior to school starting. On the first day of school the children are ready to go because the transition has been seamless.

Claire provided tips that can be useful for all parents. Talking with her was truly enlightening and there are three other expert Mom's with information to share. For more recommendations check out the "Back To School" episode of Mom's Homeroom airing on July 30th.


Marvin D Wilson said…
Sounds like sound advice. The wife and I are empty nesters now, but my oldest daughter would probably really like the show. Thanks for the tip. :)

The Old Silly
Anonymous said…
Great advice - I love it and will use it!!
Petula said…
Really sounds like a great conversation. I agree with encouraging and directing children to play and exercise. Children nowadays are way too heavy for their age, etc.

I know I need to get back on schedule and get the children adjusted to getting up in the morning. Only several more weeks before school starts. But boy am I enjoying the lazy mornings and flexible schedules.
TRochelle said…
I have began my old routine again. I awoke this morning to trips to the doctors and tomorrow....homeschool school prep! Woohoo I am such a party animal lol! I just had to stop by and check out your post. I am quite addicted now and I also wanted to thank you for your kind comments and advice. I am loving Mom's Homeroom too!

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