Mom's Homeroom

(l-r) Claire, Alba, Jennifer,Victoria, me, Jillian

Mom's Homeroom is an online resource for Moms by Moms to help your child succeed in school. I am working with The Motherhood as a correspondent to report on the weekly episodes. Check in on my blog, The Motherhood and The Dirty Shirt for updates. Last week, Jennifer (author of The Dirty Shirt) and I had the opportunity to get a "behind the scenes" look during the taping of Mom's Homeroom. It was a wonderful opportunity to meet all of the expert moms: Alba, Claire, Jillian and Victoria. They are experts in their respective fields - homeschooling, gynecology, psychiatry and teacher of the year and they are moms too! I love the diversity of the group. These women were truly wonderful and provided many insights that I will be utilizing in my home. I will be sharing the knowledge I gained in the interviews with you on a weekly basis starting next week. In the meantime, here are a few photos from the trip.

The view from the camera.

Claire, Jennifer and me deep in discussion.

The monitors are catching all of the action.

Yolanda the make-up artist was hilarious! She wasn't responsible for my makeup but when she came on set she had to powder my face because according to her "Mami! You are shining like a lightbulb!"

Isn't Victoria lovely? This single mom of four is teacher of the year and full of great information.

Mom's Homeroom is truly a wonderful resource, check it out I am sure you will be as impressed as I am!


Gena said…
Wonderful post.
Keyona said…
You gals looked FABULOUS.

Thanks for visiting my blog!
The POSHpreneur said…
Awesome!! So happy to have known you & Jennifer of Dirty Shirt before you got soo popular! lol LOVE YA!
Kristen Andrews said…
this is Awesome great pic and opportunity!
TRochelle said…
I tell you, there is so much in this world that I have no clue about. I just love your amazing blog. You truly are doing a great service. I am a homeschooling mom of 4 and this post was beyond helpful!
Ms. Bar B: said…
Wow, looks like a fun experience.
Wow! That looks like so much fun!
Tanyetta said…
Looks like so much fun! Shining like a lightbulb! She better stop playing :)
JamericanSpice said…
Sounds very interesting. I've some of these faces around.
Anonymous said…
Hi Renee,

This is Claire from Mom's Homeroom. I love your website! Thanks for being a great advocate and support for moms! It was a pleasure meeting you and I will definitely be following your blog.

Julie Co.... said…
I love the integrity Alba has engendering her soul to give brethern followers great charismatic lead where we seek advice. Alba is very credible!
Anonymous said…
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