New Year, New Attitude!

Happy New Year! And yes, I am well aware that we are now in the third week of January but it is still a new year and time to dust things off around here. 2016 was a doozy for me and the end of last year I really had to take time to do serious self-reflection. It was a time of change, endings and new beginnings. Quite frankly, I am still getting back on my feet and I am nowhere near where I want to be in both my personal and professional life. But I have adopted the “act as if” mentality.

I have to “act as if”

My personal life is amazing.
I am winning in all areas of life.
I am living my best year ever.

This is not an easy exercise but somehow God, the Universe, good karma - however you want to name it - has surrounded me with people who are living this way daily. I have become a true believer in the Laws of Attraction and as a Christian I’ve always known that by trusting God the desires of my heart will be met but I don’t think I’ve believed it. I understand now that each and every word I speak and every single thought I have about myself can and will come into fruition. This applies to both negative and positive things and so I’ve decided to remove myself from the muck and mire of negativity and work on uplifting myself.

On New Year’s Day I attended a party where we each created Vision Boards. I was very serious about mine and was very focused on my intentions as I chose the words and pictures that I envision for myself. I have also asked for help from my friends. If you know me, you know that certainly isn’t something I do often but I am stepping out of my comfort zone to have my needs met.

One of the most fulfilling things I did was play a game on facebook by asking my friends for one positive word that started with the first letter of their name. The response was awesome and I’d like to think that each word represents what the individual thinks and/or hopes for me. I created the wordle above so that I can always have a reminder when I need a swift kick in the butt!

A final thing that has helped me was being nominated for an award in health and wellness from ACHI, a women’s empowerment group here in Atlanta. One of the things I had to do was provide information about my background and accomplishments in the field. I compiled the information and I impressed myself!  For a year now I’ve been singing the blues and had truly forgotten about what a Badass I truly am! Well no more. I am focused on being positive, growth and rebirth. My name Renee actually means Rebirth and that is what is in store for me in 2017!


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