Mamma Chia Energy! #powerupwithchia ad

This is a sponsored post.

There are some days when I need a little extra get up and go. It can be mornings when I am dragging and need pep in my step or in the middle of the day when all of my adrenaline associated with taking on the day wanes. I know a lot of people swear by coffee but I am not one of them so I look for alternatives when I need a boost. I was recently to  Organic Mamma Chia, Chia Energy and honestly, I think I’m in love! I am going to tell you this upfront, if you are not a fan of things floating in your beverage, this might not be for you because it is full of chia seeds. I really like texture, so Chia Energy is perfect for me. This product is organic and is naturally caffeinated with 90mg of caffeine. This is from Guayusa, which has been a part of Amazonian culture for over 2,000 years! Guayusa doesn’t cause jitters or a crash when it leaves your system, a win for me!

Of course, the main component of this beverage are the Chia seeds that provide 2500mg of Omega-3s, complete protein and fiber! It has twice the antioxidants of green tea, 4 grams of protein and the 10 oz bottle only has 120 calories. I have been enjoying Mamma Chia Chia Energy for the past week and can honestly say that I will keep a few bottles on hand for when I need them! I’ve tried the Blackberry Blast and Raspberry Razz flavors. There are two other flavors - Cherry Charge and Grape Power, I am hopeful that my Walmart will have them back in stock soon so I can try them too. Mamma Chia has a price point of $2.48 per bottle and one percent of sales are donated to support farmers, community groups and organizations that build healthy food systems.

The founder, Janie Hoffman started Mamma Chia in the kitchen of her small rural farm outside of San Diego. She is a champion for the power of Chia and credits it with the eradication of her 20 year battle with autoimmune disorders. All I know is that I really am enjoying Mamma Chia Energy on those days when I need an extra pick me up. This will be a staple in my refrigerator!


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