Back to School marinated chicken Bento Box #SandersonFarms ad

This is a sponsored post. 

With back to school season in full swing, I know that one of the things I do daily is ensure he has a school lunch. I’ve been doing this since he was in daycare sending milk and homemade baby food. He has eaten chicken nuggets for lunch as long as I can remember but has expanded and now will eat sandwiches, crackers, etc. Hey, this makes it easier for both of us. He has started to make his own lunch some days, it is hard to believe my son is growing up so quickly! Folks aren’t flying when they say time flies be sure to cherish every childhood moment. I have so many moments that I’ve forgotten, I love having this blog as a diary of sorts for my early adventures in parenting. Anyway, I could go on about parenthood but I want to talk about Bento Boxes.

I’m a big fan and for me it is less about the cutesy boxes (cause I ain’t got time for that!) and more about the modular nature of eating lunch making it easy to pack and eat. I have to tell you I am going to continue to experiments with bento boxes, this one I’m pretty sure I can get my son to eat. Even if he doesn’t, I know I will!  I can prepare multiple boxes so I don’t have wonder about what I’m eating for lunch on a daily basis. In my box I have marinated chicken breast fillets (I used Sanderson farms) cut into strips, a little lettuce, crackers and some grapes for dessert. I work from home so I just get salad dressing from my refrigerator if I decide to make a salad. In the event that you make it for your child, you can place the dressing on the salad or in a baggie.

I love this Bento Box and see many of them in my (and maybe my son’s) future!


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