Summer beauty routine 2016

My summertime beauty routine is a pared down version of my normal routine. Summer is hot, I am ALWAYS prone to sweating and in 100 degree weather, I am pretty much melting. This means I need a foundation that is light, long wearing and stays in place. When I initially went to Walmart in search of the perfect foundation, I looked for CC and BB creams. Unfortunately, at the store I visited I didn’t see one that seemed like the right color for me so I had to go in another direction. I picked up L’oreal Paris Infallible Pro-Matte foundation in Soft Sable.

I was attracted to this foundation because of the demi-matte finish, air-light weight and most importantly because it says it lasts for 24 hours! I haven’t tested out the longevity but I can say that I like the light feeling of this foundation and the coverage it provides. I have talked about my hyperpigmentation marks that are from my adult acne but I am happy to say that my marks have now faded almost completely. This means that I only need a very light layer of foundation to provide me with even looking skin.

For the summer, I stick to a pretty natural look and for the longest time I’ve wanted eyeshadow that is a golden tawny color for my lids. I found the Black Opal Color Splurge eyeshadow duo in Tawny Tease. I am IN LOVE! These colors are hyperpigmented and give me a pop of neutral color. Exactly what I’ve been looking for and a great bargain at $6.47 price point. Because of my neutral eye, I wanted to make a statement with my lip color. 
I am a big fan of purple so I went with Revlon Super Lustrous lipgloss in sugar violet. This is my least favorite purchase. It is a moisturizing gloss which I like but the color is so light that I might as well be wearing a clear gloss. Not at all the look that I was going for, however it does tie in to the whole “natural” summer glow.

I’d recommend the lip gloss for a teen or pre-teen who is just starting to wear makeup but quite frankly this is not a product I’d purchase again for myself. Overall I am extremely happy with my summer cosmetic routine but I am still on the search for a lip gloss that will pop!


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