Easy DIY Outdoor Lighting

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This summer I’ve really taken to enjoying my outdoor space. You may remember that I did a little rearranging around here and finally placed furniture that used to live on my patio on the deck off of my bedroom. This is such a welcome and practical change. I don’t mind entertaining on my patio but most times when I am alone, I simply go out on my deck to enjoy the night air. My backyard is woodsy and full of all types of animals. I prefer having my feet high off the ground when I am alone enjoying the stars. I’ve invited friends to enjoy my deck with me and I complained that when I am outside despite having citronella candles, I am still bitten by bugs! Well, my friend Tanya informed me that my placement of the candles was slightly off.

I *thought* I was creating an invisible barrier around me and had my candles on the table and in back of me on the railing. She noted that this particular arrangement leaves my legs open and isn’t effective to ward off bugs (hence my bites)! She suggested that we place the citronella candles on the floor and the essence will float up, protecting our entire bodies. Well, she was right! That evening not a single bite! The citronella was effective however, some of the beauty of my outdoor space was lost because I no longer had candles on my table.

I love candles so I decided to make some for my table. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t exactly “make” candles but I did devise a pretty holder for my tea lights that I think are stunning and can actually be crafted for any decor. I used a few Kerr mason jars, artificial flowers and tea lights for my creation. I have to tell you, this is probably the most simple, elegant lighting to change your decor. I removed the flower heads from the stems and placed them in the jars. Next, I filled the jars with water. My final step was to add tea lights.  They float on the water, provide light and the flowers look gorgeous. My mom is visiting and she was impressed! If you are looking to beautify your outdoor space, use this simple inexpensive tip and I promise you will love it!

Check out my video below to see just how easy this craft is to make!


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