The joy of making choices @365black #McPick2

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I love this time of the year. All over the country students are attending proms and graduations, making choices about the next phase of their lives. Some choose to go to college, others the military and some folks take a gap year before starting college or their career. I can recall my personal joy when I was in that position. At the time a gap year wasn’t even part of the dialogue but in hindsight, if it had been a choice, I am sure I would have found a program that let me travel the world before I embarked on my college education. That notwithstanding, I had a myriad of choices for my college education but when it came down to it, I was caught between New York University and Spelman College.

New York University held a special place for me because it was in my home state. I am originally from Long Island and the idea of living and going to school in “the city” was very enticing. I like being in the midst of things and NYU would not only provide me with an excellent education but I would certainly take advantage of  everything New York had to offer. On the other hand, I was also admitted to my top choice, Spelman College. Spelman is a historically black women’s college in Atlanta, Georgia. I had never lived in the South or been to Atlanta prior to my college visits but I’d heard great things about the city known for Spelman and Morehouse, Martin Luther King, Jr, Maynard Jackson,  Andrew Young and Shirley Franklin.

As a result of growing up in an area that was predominately white, I really wanted to be among peers that not only looked like me but valued academic achievement. As an advanced student I was always the only Black student in AP and honors classes. I was tired of being solo and wanted to experience learning in an environment that specifically catered to me as a young black woman. Although I had great reasons to attend both NYU and Spelman, in the end I chose Spelman and am so very happy that I did. Once I had a tour of the city as part of a visit to the school, I knew Atlanta was the place not only for me to attend college but to eventually raise a family. After graduation, travelling and a very full career, I indeed returned to Atlanta to marry and have a family. I am still here!

Having the ability to choose made me extremely happy. Although my decision was life changing, everyday choices can also make me happy. Take for instance the McDonald’s McPick 2 currently available where you choose two classics from the menu for $5.00. That can make you happy, as a treat I know I’ll be taking my son for chicken nuggets and I’ll get the filet o’fish. We will both be happy! In fact, I’m so happy I had some fun and made a jingle  - check it out below.

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